Verbs Flash Cards: Set 7

vocabulary: visit, leave, forget, remember, send, receive, dream, wish, pray, lie, cheat, steal, show, guess, choose, lend, borrow, return

verb flash cards

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Mark's Note: Set 7 begins to introduce more complicated verbs. There are a few verbs with indirect objects, 'return the books to the library', 'send a package to his brother', 'show the picture to her friend'. Set 7 can also introduce adverbial modifiers (about ..., from ...), noun clauses with subordinating conjunctions (that ...).
Verbs with indirect objects: send, lend, return, show, lie, steal (and possibly pray to God, steal food for his family)

Verbs with subordinating conjunction + noun clause: dream, wish, pray, lie ('He is dreaming that he is a cowboy.')
(and also, guess:'She guessed that there are 827 jelly beans in the jar.'

Verbs with adverbial modifiers: dream, pray, steal, borrow, recieve, cheat ('He is dreaming about cowboys.', 'He recieved a package from his brother.')

I don't bother with explaining all the grammar. I teach the verbs first and then direct objects. When they are ready I add additional information with to, from, about, and that.
'He sent a package to his brother.'
'He wished that he was a superhero.'

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flash cards, stealing

flash card, dreaming

flash card, returning books to the library


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