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Adjectives 3 sets
Animals 5 sets
Body Parts
Buildings (live)
Chores - 'have to'
Christmas 2 sets
Classroom 2 sets
Clothing 3 sets
Daily Routines
Descriptions (hair)
Fantasy 2 sets
Fruit (with likes, does, doesn't)
Future Tense (be going to ~)
Halloween 3 sets
Health have and feel sets
Hobbies 2 sets
House 2 sets
Kitchen 3 sets
Living Room
Months + clipart
Music - instruments
Nationalities 3 sets
Nature 3 sets
Part-time Jobs 3 sets
Passive Verbs 2 sets
Past Tense 3 sets
People/Jobs 2 sets
Phrasal Verbs 2 sets
Places 2 sets + There is
Plural Nouns
Prepositions of place and movement
Pronouns object and possessive pronouns
Question Words
Recess Activities 2 sets
School Building
School Subjects
Senses 5 sets: look, feel, sound, taste, smell
Shapes and Colors
Signs - road signs + prohibition
Sports 3 sets
St. Patrick's Day
Super Powers
Thanksgiving 2 sets
Time clock faces
Valentine's Day
Verbs 5 sets +can
Weather + elements

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 Plural Animal Flashcards 1

bears, camels, cows, fish, turtles, elephants, gorillas, hippos, horses, lions, pandas, rabbits, penguins, ducks, frogs

large flash cardsmedium flashcards, small game cards, a handout

same cards with b/w backings: small cards, medium cards

For bingo cards just use the bingo cards that go with the singular animals set.

If you want to mix them with the singular set, here are some game cards with the same backings as the singular animal set. small singular game cards, small singular game cards with b/w backings

Mark's note:  The standard animal flashcard sets have the article 'a' or 'an' at the top left of the picture.  These plural cards have 2-5 animals in one frame with the article taken out and an 's' placed at the bottom right to help signify that they need to place an 's' at the end.  

I present the plural sets 4-6 months after they have covered several sets of nouns.  I show them the card with 'a bear' and then the card with 'bears.'  I usually try to let them see what is different about the cards and why.  Somebody will get it.  Afterwards, I cover the difference between 'What's this?' and 'What are these?' still using the two different flashcard sets, mixing singular with plural.  Once the students understand, I continue focusing only on the plural form.

Irregular plurals are left in place.  I deal with them as they come up.  There is only one in the first set (fish.)

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