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Hard Consonants / Short Vowels: Aa-Zz Flash Cards, game cards, handouts, posters, short vowel flash cards w/ handout

Phonics Worksheets: writing and alphabet worksheets, a phonics workbook series and clipart

Consonant Blends: Beginning Consonants, Ending Consonants, flash cards, games cards, and handouts

Silent 'e': a silent e handout and flash cards

Digraphs: consonant and vowel digraphs handouts and flash cards; also contains some diphthongs

R Controlled Vowels: vowel + r combinations ar, er, ir, or, ur

Custom Phonics worksheets: make dice, board games, reading, writing, spelling worksheets and more!

Dolch Sight Words: sight word flash cards, word lists and handouts

I originally thought my phonics materials were what people might be looking for. However, most people come for flash cards and I spent a lot of time getting those up and I have recently began paying more attention to this section. There are phonics worksheets, phonics posters, flash cards for introduction, coloring sheets, game cards, handouts, worksheet makers and more.

There are many resources available for phonics education, but I have been frustrated by what's available and how those don't apply so well when teaching English as a foreign language and especially in Japan where the Roman alphabet itself is foreign. I start out with a phonics only system moving children slowly through hard consonants/short vowels, blends (as those are the most difficult for Japanese students,) long vowels (silent e,) and consonant digraphs. Once they've got those down we begin vowel combinations, and that pretty much gets the reading ball rolling. I follow with r-controlled vowels and Dolch sight words. Those are the first steps I take and the order is debatable. I hope to get a more information up as time permits.

For young learners (4yrs-6yrs) I do a letter of the day to start them off. They say the letter and then learn 2 words that start with that letter. I then repeat the alphabet focusing on lower case and have them recall 2 words that start with that letter and then teach them the reading. For young learners (6yrs+) I start them off with both 2 words and the letter's reading. I spend about 5 minutes each lesson on this and it breaks up the class nicely as a transient portion of the lesson.

Some new and exciting phonics materials are on their way. The first of which come from my new site Tools for Educators. You can create printable phonics game boards, phonics board games, phonics dice, reading worksheets, writing worksheets, spelling worksheets, tracing worksheets and more! The phonics section at Tools for Educators.

Fun is another MES site with phonics specific resources. There are free phonics e-books for printing, clipart to make your own phonics worksheets. Free worksheet makers with images or text.

I will be posting as time permits so check back for updates. As always, emails about questions, comments, encouragement, broken links or file problem are very much welcomed.

- Mark

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