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Tools for Educators

Listening Worksheets

Stickers and Charts

Sunday School Printables offers

free ESL worksheets

  for download and printing. There are

English grammar worksheets, custom worksheet makers, worksheets to print, printables templates


worksheets for grammar introduction, printable phonics e-books, writing worksheets

, and more. See each section for more information.

flashcard worksheets

There are 15+ different pages with worksheets for each of the MES-vocabulary sets and printable games that match the MES-flashcards.  There are

writing practice sheets, word searches, board games, free writing exercises, reading worksheets, crosswords

  and more.

Make custom worksheets

to match MES-English vocabulary sets.  These are available on a different site The reasons for creating a new site would bore you, but it's all MES! You can

make printable dominoes, dice, crisscross bingo boards, tracing worksheets, multiple choice spelling worksheets, board games, and custom handouts

. The best part is LOTE teachers can customize these worksheets to match the MES-E flashcards. I'm trying to bring you some versatility.  This is new and I'm working on it right now.  Let me know what you think.  and more importantly, let me know if you have problems :)

talking worksheets

The talking worksheets are designed to practice speaking.  They use images for most of the language and therefore can be used with younger students who can't read yet or older students whose writing is behind their speaking.

grammar introduction worksheets

The introduction worksheets are designed to introduce target language or grammar in a written or more concrete form. They also include small

grammar tips

  from Eddy English at the bottom of some pages. There is a new comic strip maker that you can use to create dialogs with characters.

phonics worksheets

There is a free phonics workbook series available for download. The Fun Fonix series is designed for ESL students but may be useful for home schooling or older elementary school students struggling with phonics. There are writing exercises and ABC worksheets for download as well.

coloring sheets

There are a few hundred

free coloring sheets

  available to download and print. About half are

holiday themed coloring sheets

, but there are some other general themes such as sports, fantasy, the alphabet, numbers and more.

award certificate maker

Here you'll find 20+ different printable

printable certificates

  with matching

homework and classroom incentive sheets

  to come. Holiday themed award certificates as well, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Halloween.

printable music sheets

Music resources: After teaching the students these songs in class, give out these handouts to the students so they can sing along with their parents at home. Older students can practice their reading as they sing along. There are also some Mother Goose nursery rhymes and chants cards you can printout.


Free clipart for teachers

. These are simple black and white clipart images that you can use in your worksheets. They came from the Fun Fonix book series but you can use them for anything you'd like. They are very simple images but the students seem to like them because they feel they can reproduce them.

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