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Adjectives 3 sets
Animals 5 sets
Body Parts
Buildings (live)
Chores - 'have to'
Christmas 2 sets
Classroom 2 sets
Clothing 3 sets
Daily Routines
Descriptions (hair)
Fantasy 2 sets
Fruit (with likes, does, doesn't)
Future Tense (be going to ~)
Halloween 3 sets
Health have and feel sets
Hobbies 2 sets
House 2 sets
Kitchen 3 sets
Living Room
Months + clipart
Music - instruments
Nationalities 3 sets
Nature 3 sets
Part-time Jobs 3 sets
Passive Verbs 2 sets
Past Tense 3 sets
People/Jobs 2 sets
Phrasal Verbs 2 sets
Places 2 sets + There is
Plural Nouns
Prepositions of place and movement
Pronouns object and possessive pronouns
Question Words
Recess Activities 2 sets
School Building
School Subjects
Senses 5 sets: look, feel, sound, taste, smell
Shapes and Colors
Signs - road signs + prohibition
Sports 3 sets
St. Patrick's Day
Super Powers
Thanksgiving 2 sets
Time clock faces
Valentine's Day
Verbs 5 sets +can
Weather + elements

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Thanksgiving bookmarks!

Thanksgiving flashcards

1 - things

Pilgrims, an Indian, a cornucopia, corn, squash, a wheelbarrow, the Mayflower, a scarecrow, a turkey, a wishbone, the Fall harvest, straw, pumpkin pie, turkey dinner, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce

 large flash cardssmall game cards, bingo, a handout

same cards with black and white backings: small cards, bingo

Thanksgiving flashcards 2 - things we do

hunt the turkey, watch football, hide, make pumpkin pie, boil the corn, mash the potatoes, eat everything, burn the turkey, peel the onions, make the gravy, cook the turkey, stuff the turkey, crack the nuts, play in the leaves, carve the turkey, serve the dessert, harvest the pumpkins

 large flash cardssmall game cards, bingo, a handout

same cards with black and white backings: small cards, bingo

Thanksgiving Coloring, Thanksgiving Word Searches


Turkey Mazes

 Thanksgiving and Holiday Coloring Sheets


Free Thanksgiving Wordsearch

- 6 different word searches

 Turkey mazes: one, two, three, four

Free Thanksgiving Worksheets

- make your own Thanksgiving crosswords, board games, word searches, mazes, dominoes, bingo boards, spelling, writing worksheets and more!
More Thanksgiving Printables from MES

Thanksgiving Award Certificates

- 10 different styles (from - an MES Site.)


Printable Thanksgiving Stickers


Printable Thanksgiving Sticker Charts


from (an MES site!)

Thanksgiving greeting cards
Free Thanksgiving greeting cards and invitations - 16 customizable Thanksgiving greeting cards, Thank you cards, and Thanksgiving dinner party invitations. There are cute cards with turkeys and other Thanks giving images. there are also photo image cards as well. Use the card makers to make a personalized Thanksgiving card or print out a blank card and write in your own message.
Free Printable Thanksgiving Calendars


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