5 Senses Flashcards: That looks ...

vocabulary: cool, itchy, silly, fun/like fun, bored, angry, heavy, painful, busy, difficult, simple, crowded, cute, good/delicious, dangerous, like an elephant, like a butterfly, scary, too big, (see)

Mark's Note: These cards also introduce the the concepts of 'too' and 'like' as a simile. I'll be adding game cards, bingo cards and maybe some other things to use with these cards.

I also use these cards to help the students express spontaneous thoughts and try to keep them from speaking L1. I think if you teach these you'll see that it really does help the students express themselves.


Tools for Educators is an MES site with 10+ worksheet generators to make vocabulary and language building teaching materials, using the images from these flashcards. There are simple spelling, matching, reading and writing worksheet makers as well as communicative games, vocabulary handouts and fun activities to print.


123 Listening is a website developed by MES and Dream English. It has free listening tests to download with matching audio. There are listening worksheet makers you can use to make custom listening tests with the same vocabulary sets and images to match these flashcards.


MES Games is an online ESL games site for students. There are vocabulary building games, spelling games, grammar games and more. Students can listen to native speakers, answer questions and practice online to help with vocabulary retention and use.

Print old MES files: here are the old (2006~2014) 5 senses files

Looks Handout

Looks PowerPoint flashcards

Sounds Handout

Sounds PowerPoint flashcards

Feels Handout

Feels PowerPoint flashcards

Smells/Tastes Handout

Smells PowerPoint flashcards

Tastes PowerPoint flashcards

Sounds Flashcards: That sounds ...

vocabulary: cool, funny, beautiful, dangerous, hard, easy, boring, exciting, fun/like fun, nice, scary, interesting, terrible, (hear)

Feels Flashcards: It feels ...

vocabulary: soft, hard, wet, slippery, cold, cool, sticky, warm, hot, rough, smooth, sharp, squishy, gooey, (feel)

Smells Flashcards: It smellls ...

** smell and taste sets are combined for the handout and bingo cards**

vocabulary: bad, good, rotten, like flowers, like pine trees, like apples, (smell)

Tastes Flashcards: It tastes ...

** smell and taste sets are combined for the handout and bingo cards**

vocabulary: spicy, salty, sweet, bitter, sour, good, bad, (taste)

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