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This is the Virtual Key Pal station at  It is an

international project exchange source

.  There are

printable projects

 all ready to go.  Just print and report back.
If you're like me, you don't have time to fish for

project exchange partners



 and by the time you get a bite, your class has moved on and the idea/material is beneath them.  Or worse, you set up a project exchange and do the work, then the other end falls through.
I have created a Virtual Key Pals (V-Key Pals)

International Project Exchange library

  The idea is that teachers can come here and

download the lesson plans and projects

 already completed by various students in various countries.  They then can complete the projects with their classes and share with their classes projects already completed from around the world.  Finally, the teacher sends in their students' projects to be shared with the rest of the international community.
If anything these are

lesson plans all ready to go


There are 5 projects available with completed projects by my students and students around the world.

The Superhero Project

target language: can, have, introductions, 3rd person singular


Self Introduction International Project

target language: present simple, like, favorites, have and language for introduction

The Mt. Diamonte Adventure Project

  target language: simple past or past perfect, creating a story

The Perfect Park Project

  target language:  'you can...' for permission., 'you can't...' for prohibition and imperatives.

The International Restaurant Boulevard Project

target language: pricing, ordering, food, 'how much,' there is.../there are ... , when .../if ... clauses

I have more projects planned but I'm going to test the waters first.  It takes some time to write these projects all out and get them on the web site.  If I get a good reaction (a reaction) then I will post more of my projects.

There are no age or level limits for any project.  That is up to the discretion of the teacher as to whether the project will be of interest to their class.

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