What's your purpose here at MES-English.com?

I intend to make a website that will be easy to navigate and so full of materials that teachers will need to come several times to look at it all. Teachers will be able to find versatile resources that will inspire and be worth their time and effort. All materials should have both reason and purpose. Every page should contain something teachers want to have in their arsenal. This website should be informative and to the point. And that's it!

Who are you?

My name is Mark Cox. I am American, raised in Oklahoma and studied pharmacy at university (at UCONN.) After moving to Japan in 1999, I got TEFL certification and I finally finished my Masters in Applied Linguistics in the spring of 2010. I currently work at my own private English conversation school and I teach classes at two different nursing colleges. I also moonlight as a webmaster ;) but don't tell anyone. I started teaching English in Japan in 1999. I worked for 2 years full-time in the public school system (elementary schools and junior high schools) and then opened up my own English conversations school. Astounded by the cost of teaching materials, I decided to make everything myself. I made my own curriculum for my children's classes, and what you see here on MES-English are the materials and activities that I have made to support that, plus a few things from other teaching environments I've worked in.

I started making web pages and flash animation intros for my personal web site (which would now be called a blog I guess.) In 2002, I started my own English conversation school in Nagano, Japan. I made some FLASH games and a second web site for my English school. Three years later I began MES-English.com to provide the materials I have made for other teachers to use. I'm married and have 4 children. My own children serve as the inspiration at times and as the fun inspectors on most materials. I've found the materials very useful and I hope you do too.

I have a few other teacher focused web sites in the MES network you may be interested in:

Why do this?

I like to make stuff :) and these materials worked really well for me. I wanted to share what I have made so that maybe it will help you as a teacher and indirectly help your students. Maybe these materials will help you and give you more time. Hopefully that time can be used to help some student(s) who need you, or maybe it just gives you a break and reduces your stress level :) All of which leads to a healthier and happier class. I hope this site and these materials do that.

Where is MES-English headed and what can I expect?

If you take a look at the Christmas flashcard page and MES-Games: Christmas, You can get an idea of what I want to do. I hope to eventually have grammar worksheets posted to complete the MES curriculum, and expand the topics on MES Games. The problem is time and my not having a lot of it. So, this is a grand many years plan.

What does MES stand for?

MES stands for Mark's English School. I made the MES logo for my school and used the logo on my original materials. When I created this site for teachers, I just decided to keep it and tie them together. I hope to eventually have a wealth of free websites with resources and tools for educators. MES-English is the flagship site and my baby. It was my first site for teachers and years of hard work. I thought about having MES-everything for the other sites (MES-Certificates, MES-StickerCharts ... ) but it just made more sense to give them proper names for the websites.

What restrictions are there with MES materials?

MES materials, resources and websites are for personal use only. Use of MES websites and MES materials is provided under the free End User License Agreement and additional paid license agreement offer some additional options. You can read the End User License Agreement by following the link above.

Does MES keep any personal information or other information about its visitors?

You don't need to give any personal information to use any MES site. However, all sites run site statistic tracking software and ads from Google Adsense and possibly other third party advertisers may use cookies. To view the MES Privacy Policy outlining what information is obtained and how to opt out of such services, please go to the MES Privacy Policy page.

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