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Super Hero Project target language: can, have, 3rd person, introductions
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Mt Diamonte Adventure Project target language: simple past or past perfect, creating a story
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The Super Hero Project target language: can, have, introductions, 3rd person singular

The Supers are back!  This project allows students the chance to guess at the powers of certain superheroes, report on a superhero from their country and then create a superhero of their choice.  They will describe the superhero (his or her powers and characteristics,) where they live, what they like, don't like, weaknesses, secret identities, etc. 

The target language for this activity is:

      can - for ability

       have - for description

       language for introduction

    3rd person singular

       advanced - comparative, superlative and past tense narratives

Time:  The project can be done quickly in a single lesson or spread out as small parts over 3 or 4 lessons.  It also depends on how far you wish to go with the project.  I choose to spread it out and give students time to process the information and make changes. 

The Project Downloads: the Supers Project file  the word .doc for reporting back  heroic information

If you need them I have superpower flash cards and a handout

pictures and info taken with permission from

     Projects Completed and Submitted:

JHS students     Japan 13 yrs. old  JHS students    Argentina   14 yrs. old
Elementary Ss    Japan 10 yrs. old  Elementary Ss    S. Korea    10 yrs. old
Elementary Ss    Ohio, USA  5-8 yrs. old  Elementary Ss    France      11 yrs. old
Elementary Ss    Japan 8-12 yrs.   JHS students    S. Korea     14 yrs. old
Elemantary Ss   Canada 11-12 yrs. old  Elementary Ss    Italy      10-11 yrs. old
JHS students    Malaysia    Elementary Ss     Spain       11 yrs. old
Elementary Ss   Portugal 10-11 yrs. old  Elementary Ss  Canada        10-12 yrs. old
Elementary Ss    France  12 yrs. old  JHS students    S. Korea     13-15 yrs. old
JHS Student    Turkey      13 yrs. old  Elementary Ss    Denmark    10-11 yrs. old
Elementary Ss    Italy      10-11 yrs. old  JHS Student    Germany      13 yrs. old
Elementary SS   Germany  10-12 yrs. old  JHS Students   S. Korea      13-15 yrs. old
Elementary Ss   S. Korea    11-12 yrs. old  High School  Ss  Tunisia   15-18 yrs. old
Elementary Ss   Italy     8-10 yrs. old  Elementary Ss   Poland     9-12 yrs. old
Elementary S    Thailand      11 yrs. old  Adult Ss           USA       20+ yrs. old
Elementary Ss   USA      9 yrs. old  Elementary SS   Germany  8-12 yrs. old
Elementary Ss   Spain  13 yrs. old Elementary S   Spain  12 yrs. old
JHS Students   Indonesia   Elementary S   Gabon  9-10 yrs. old
Elementary Ss   USA  9-10 yrs. old Elementary Ss   China  8-9 yrs. old
Elementary Ss   France  11-12 yrs. old 30 Elementary Ss   France  11-12 yrs. old
 send in your students' projects  :)  put your students' projects here!

Here is the activity as described in the project file:

Materials to prepare:

- 4 large pictures of Spiderman, Superman, the Flash, and the Green Lantern from this file

- one printout of the 6 character comparison sheet for each group from this file

- enough of the "choose your superhero sheets" as required from this file

- final draft sheet for each group from this file


- Show the 4 large pictures as introduction.  Start with Superman and Spiderman as the students are likely to know about them.

- Ask questions as to who they are and what they can do. Talk about their characteristics.

- Show the pictures of the Green Lantern and the Flash.  Ask the same questions but dig for some speculation.  Offer some possible suggestions of super powers.

- Use the flash cards from MES-English to describe various superpowers if necessary

- Ask about the students favorite superheroes or superheroes from their country and what they can do

- Give out the 6 character comparison sheet to each group, ask them to choose 2 superheroes, guess what their super powers might be, and write them in.  Have the groups present their ideas to the class.

(For more advanced students have them compare the 2 they chose.)

- Tell them the true information for each character.  See   heroic information

- Write-up a sheet as a class or in groups about a famous superhero or several superheroes from your country.  This is the most interesting to others and the most important to the project.

- Give out the "choose your superhero sheets" as needed and have the students choose one of the characters and decide upon the name, decide upon the superpowers, choose whether their superhero is a good guy or bad guy, and describe the characteristics of their superhero.

- Have the students write up their reports on the sheet provided pasting their superhero's picture in the square provided.  Once finished they can present their superhero to the class.  Display their write-ups in the classroom.

(For more advanced students have them compare the 2 they originally chose with their superhero.)

Follow ups:

- describe the last battle or episode of their superhero and create a story.

- try to find out the true information for their character and write up a report. You can also have them write up a report comparing their fantasy character with the original.  The characters came from the Justice League Unlimited and Teen Titans cartoons. Here is web site where you can get plenty of information


- Use the word doc. file to write up their reports and send them into for everyone to use and share.  If you can attach pictures of the students that would be great as well.  I will post completed projects from around the world on the web site but first names only.

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