The Self Introduction International Exchange Project

Finding key pals for project exchanges can be a task! Finding key pals for a project that should only take 30 minutes to complete is a much worse word. Now, you don't need to fish for key pals for a simple intro project.

Below are self-intros from around the world for you to exchange with your students and help motivate them to write about themselves.

The target language for this activity is:

like - favorites

have - for description

language for introduction

simple present tense

Time: 30-45 minutes

The Project Downloads:

Completed Projects from Around the World:

6 video intros USA 9-12 yrs

4 Ss Poland 14-15 yrs

7 Ss S. Korea 14 yrs

14 Ss Greece 9-12 yrs

5 Ss Brazil 11-13 yrs

14 Ss Hyogo, Japan 13-14 yrs

7 Ss Navoi, Uzbekistan 9-12 yrs

17 Ss Brazil 9-11 yrs

9 Ss Komi Republic, Russia 11-13 yrs

2 Ss Alaska, USA 18 yrs

20 Ss Chile 10 yrs

14 Ss S. Korea 13-15 yrs

3 Ss S. korea 10 and 11 yrs

6 Ss Chille 8-9 yrs

9 Ss Chille 9-10 yrs

17 Ss France 10-11 yrs

23 Ss Denmark 10 and 11 yrs

7 Ss S. korea 14-16 yrs

9 Ss USA 9-11 yrs

12 Ss S. korea 10-11 yrs

1 student Russia 15 yrs

13 Ss Germany 15 yrs

17 Ss France13-14 yrs

9 Ss Russia 8-10 yrs

9 Ss Vietnam 9-12 yrs

14 Ss Russia 8-9 yrs

Additional activities that can be done with these self intros:

a Scavenger Hunt! Cut up the self intros and post them around the room. Prepare a list of questions such as:

How many people are 9 years old?

What colors do people like?

How many boys are there?

Who has a pet and what's their pet's name?

Then have the students go around in pairs or individually and have them gather as much information as they can in the allotted time.

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