The Perfect Park Project lets students work in pairs or groups to design the 'perfect' park. They discuss what goes into the park and the rules for the park.

The Perfect Park is the most fun park in the world. It's so much fun you can drop the grammar rules and call it the funnest park in the world. Students (in pairs or small groups) get a chance to design their own park and then report back to the class about what there is in their park and the park rules with a write up and/or presentation.


perfect park project file

(and the the doc. file for write-ups)

(but you can write them up any way you choose. I'm not picky :)

In the flashcards section there are playground flashcards that might be useful for this project as well as the following flash cards: a circus, a trampoline, a Ferris wheel, a roller coaster, a dunking booth, a funhouse, a petting zoo, bumper cars, bumper boats, a tunnel of love, a water slide, a rodeo, a clown, a magician, a swimming pool, a fountain, a skateboard park

The Perfect Park Target Language

There is... / There are ...

You can ... for permission and the royal 'you'

You can't... for prohibition and the royal 'you'


for more advanced students

Giving suggestions: How about...? / What if ...? / Why don't we ...?

Accepting or rejecting suggestions: That's a great idea. / That's a good idea, but ...

Time: The project can be done in a single lesson or spread out as small parts over 2 or 3 lessons. It also depends on how far you wish to go with the project. I think it's best to spread it out and give the write up portion to do as homework.

Projects Completed and Submitted:

2 parks from JHS and HS students in Japan

1 park from 2 HS students in Australia

1 park from 2 ES students in France

4 parks from 7 ES students in France

10 parks from 20 JHS students in Portugal

3 parks from 5 ES students in Canada

2 parks from 11 ES students in Lithuania

4 parks from 4 ES students in S. Korea

7 parks from 18 ES students in Vietnam

1 parks from 2 ES students in Italy

3 parks from ES students in Turkey

11 parks from ES students in Russia

your students' projects here! Send them in.

Here is the activity as described in the project file:

Materials to prepare from the project file:

- One Perfect Park map and one blank map or blank sheet of paper per group

- One Park Rules sign per group if you decide to use it.


- Give one map to each group of students.

- Have the students discuss the picture or do it as a class.

What is there at this park?

What can you do there?

What are some things you can't do there?

Is this truly the perfect park?

- Tell the students they are now going to design the perfect park

- As a class discuss some items you might find at a really fun park. Ask the students what would make a really great park.

- Give out the blank map or a blank sheet of paper

- Tell the students they are now going to design the perfect park and submit it to V-Key Pals for the international project exchange.

- Students should draw up their park writing in their choices of items.

Follow ups:

- Have the students write up a description of what there is at their park.

- Have the students list the rules of their park as well using 'You can ...' and 'You can't ...'

- You can have them make a sign posting the rules of the park to practice the imperative. (Don't smoke in the park. Take your trash home, please. Run on the grass.)

Finally: Write up their reports and send them into MES English v_keypals for everyone to use and share. You may use the doc. file to write them up if you'd like. I will post them on the web site but first names only. Please include a picture of the students who worked on the project if possible. Thanks for your support.

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