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Body Parts
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Fantasy 2 sets
Fruit (with likes, does, doesn't)
Future Tense (be going to ~)
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Health have and feel sets
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Passive Verbs 2 sets
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Prepositions of place and movement
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Valentine's Day
Verbs 5 sets +can
Weather + elements

Worksheets for MES Flashcards

Past Tense Flashcards

set 1: mixed regular and irregular


listen to music, take a test, do homework, make a snowman, go shopping, come to school, use a computer, read a book, watch TV, eat dessert, play video games, clean, cook dinner, draw a picture, play the piano

large flash cards

, small

game cards, bingo cards

, a handout

same cards with b/w backings: small game cards, bingo cards


past tense worksheets

and a printable game to match these cards, check out these worksheets in the grammar worksheet section

Here are 4 quick past tense formation graphics or past tense posters depending on how big you print them. You can print and use with your students.  Print them all or just print the ones you want to use.

past irregular poster to print past tense irregular verbs explanation regular past tense explanation past regular poster to print

Past Tense Flashcards set 2: irregular verbs flashcards (only)


buy, take a test, do homework, make a snowman, go shopping, come to school, ride a bike, read a book, write a report, eat dessert, give a Valentine, get a Valentine, lose the race, draw a picture, win the race

large flash cards, small game cards, a handout (more large flash cards)

same cards with b/w backings: small game cards

Past Tense set 3: Regular Verbs ending with -ed only

watch TV, talk on the phone, walk to school, play video games, dance, listen to music, use a computer, clean the living room, want something, cook dinner, study English, play soccer, wash the car, climb, wait for the bus

large flash cards, small game cards, a handout

same cards with b/w backings: small game cards

Mark's Note: I start teaching the past tense by asking the question, "Did you ... yesterday?" and the students answer simply "yes" or "no".  Then, I move to asking "What did you do yesterday?"  With that, I use the regular verbs explanation first, having the students answer, "I watched TV."or "I played baseball."  After they are used to it, I introduce irregular verbs slowly, building up to the mixed set.  Later, I use the irregular verbs only cards to focus on those hard to remember irregular verbs.

The irregular verbs flashcards and regular verbs flashcards have extra large flashcards and small game cards.  These contain all of the verbs from MES English's verb flashcards sets 1-5.  The small cards are all in the same file.  I included all of the cards in the same past tense hint format just incase someone wanted them.

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