Sports Flashcards Set 1: play ~

vocabulary: soccer/football, baseball, American football, golf, basketball, ice hockey, rugby, field hockey, volleyball, badminton, table tennis/ ping pong, tennis

For ready-to-print worksheets and a printable game to match these cards, see the sports worksheet in the flashcard worsheets section of the site


Tools for Educators is an MES site with 10+ worksheet generators to make vocabulary and language building teaching materials, using the images from these flashcards. There are simple spelling, matching, reading and writing worksheet makers as well as communicative games, vocabulary handouts and fun activities to print.


123 Listening is a website developed by MES and Dream English. It has free listening tests to download with matching audio. There are listening worksheet makers you can use to make custom listening tests with the same vocabulary sets and images to match these flashcards.


MES Games is an online ESL games site for students. There are vocabulary building games, spelling games, grammar games and more. Students can listen to native speakers, answer questions and practice online to help with vocabulary retention and use.

Print old MES files: here are the old (2006~2014) sports files

Sports 1 (with play) Sports 1 Get 'em Cards

Sports 1 PowerPoint flashcards

Sports 2 (with go) Sports 2 Get 'em Cards

Sports 2 PowerPoint flashcards

Sports 3 (with do) Sports 3 Get 'em Cards

Sports 3 PowerPoint flashcards

Sports and Leisure Flashcards: go ~ing

vocabulary: bowling, jogging, walking, swimming, ice skating, skiing, surfing, skateboarding, fishing, shopping, hiking, dancing, horseback riding, sledding, cycling/bike riding, golfing, snowboarding, hunting

Mark's note: I use sports both 'play' and 'go' to introduce 'Have you ever played/gone ~?' I ask the question over and over for about a year before I ask them to produce the language. It's a very natural question for young children and you shouldn't need to explain. 'Do you play tennis?' is a very abstract question for them (generalization.)

Sports Flashcards Set 3: do ~

vocabulary: do gymnastics, do cheerleading, do aerobics, do track and field, do karate/martial arts, do archery, do yoga/tai chi, do stretches, run the 100m dash, dive, race cars, box, lift weights, wrestle, fence

Mark's note: I use these 3 sets to practice 3rd person singular, the future tense "be going to," and relative clauses. They are also good for practicing "I like to ~." or "I want to ~."

I don't recommend these for students under the age of 10. They probably won't know the majority of these activities or be able to differentiate them at younger ages.

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