Get 'em! is a rock, scissors, paper game that you can use for just about any target language or just as a game. There is a template, where you can write in words for reading practice, add questions for discussion, or you can insert your own images for vocabulary or sentence building.

Get 'em blank template .doc download

How to play:

- deal out all the Get 'em cards

- students lay down one card at a time in pairs or larger groups

- if there is a tie, students continue to lay down another card

- when there is a winner that person collects all the cards and asks the others a question in the target language to each of the members of the battle. Or all of the losers tell the winner something in the target language. OR, all of the losers ask each other questions in the target language.

- play continues until one person has all of the cards or time is up

- if time is up, the person with the most cards is the winner

Get 'em! simple: These are cards to print with just rock, scissors, paper images on each card. Use these cards with your choice of task the students must complete with each exchange. Get 'em simple cards

- students can each ask a question before they battle.

- students can battle and then the winner must ask a question.

- students can battle and the loser must complete some (language) task.

There are 3 sets of MES flashcards that have Get 'em cards with images: passive tense, phrasal verbs, fantasy

There's more you can do with these cards and it's pretty much up to you. For a discussion on these cards, variations, etc. check out this MES-forum thread. the Get 'em Game

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