This is a fast pace game for review set to a soccer field. It's a noisy game that will get even the quieter students up and at 'em.

game board b/w game board

How to play:

Materials Needed: 1 game board, 1 big stack of vocabulary/question cards (words or pictures), a marker or something else to act as the "soccer ball", at least 2 students.

- divide your class or groups up into 2 teams and have them line up single file

- place a marker in the center of the game board

- flash a reading card, flash card or what ever you're trying to review/solidify

- the first person from each team races to say the word/phrase and the fastest person gets to advance the marker for their team. If both students answer at the same time, quickly flash them another card. This is when the game gets exciting.

- After one student has come out the winner, these students move to the end of the line and the next students in line have a turn.

- Once a team reaches the goal they get one point.

For use on the board, blow the game board up to A3 size an pin the board to the board or simply draw the field on the board and use a magnet as your marker. This way all the students will be able to see how their team is doing.

If you like this game try my Football Game. It's the same concept just taken a little further and a nice step up in complexity once you've played the soccer game.

This game was supplied courtesy of K. & E. Busch at

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