This is a fast pace game for review set up like American football. It's a noisy game that will get even the quieter students up and at 'em.

game board and game cards

b/w game board and game cards with b/w backings

How to play:

- divide your class or groups up into 2 teams and have them line up single file.

- place a marker in the center of the game board (on the 50 yard line.)

- flash a reading card, flash card or what ever you're trying to review/solidify.

- the first person from each team races to say the word/phrase and the fastest person gets to advance the marker for their team. The player who was the fastest may choose to take a football card at this point. (They don't have to.) They would follow the instructions on the cards moving further forward or 'watch out!' backwards. It's a bit of a gamble and makes the game interesting and disappointing with a little chance thrown in.

- Once a team reaches the end zone, they get one point.

- If a team is forced into their end zone by the football cards (a safety,) the other team gets 2 points

For use on the board, blow the game board up to A3 size an pin the board to the board or simply draw the field on the board and use a magnet as your marker. This way all the students will be able to see how their team is doing.

**** variations ****

Just Cards - You can have the students who successfully perform tasks draw cards and move according to the cards. There's no race here to be the first to answer. Any and every student who completes the task/gets the answer is allowed to draw a card for their team. This is a little slower but gets everyone participating and reduces the competition level.

No cards at all and the ball just moves back and forth with victorious teams.

For this game or any line-up game including slam, slap ..., I like to stop the students and have a rock-paper-scissors round.

1. All the students simultaneously play rock-paper-scissors against me.

2. Students who win or tie stay where they are.
3. Students who lose have to change lines.
I do it 3-4 times during the game, usually just in the beginning.

They love to hate this!

It also puts a little bit of excitement into the game if you're playing it over and over. Also, everyone then has a chance to win or lose at any time. Feel the students out, some groups are really bummed out by this though.

Any ideas/suggestions for variations? Send them in and I'll try to get them up or post them in the forums.

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