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Printable Certificates

Free Printable Certificates for children and adults.  Many themes and styles to choose from.


Stickers and

1000s of free printable stickers and sticker charts.  Use them in your classes or just collect them!



Free English resources for the medical professional and their teachers.  Disease state directors, patient counseling models, medical flashcards and on-line activities for students


Sunday School Printables

Free Christian coloring sheets, stickers, sticker charts and other resources for Christian teachers offers free ESL/EFL worksheets for download and printing.  There are talking worksheets, worksheets for grammar introduction, printable phonics e-books, writing worksheets and more.  See each section for more information.  By downloading and using any of these resources you agree to the end user license agreement.  Please read it.


talking worksheets

  are designed to

practice speaking

.  They use images for most of the language and therefore can be used with younger students who can't read yet or older students whose writing is behind their speaking.  The first page is designed to be used over and over again.  There is a second page that can be use as a writing follow-up or homework.
like/likes one two three
can one two
comparative one two three
adjectives one two
have (description) one

Here are some sample shots that will load real quick:

I use these resources after the students have covered the target language.  They have a firm grasp of the meaning and these are a small step between speaking and being able to write what they can say.  I have laminated some and just pass them out to be used over and over again.

These worksheets rely on images and therefore the files are fairly heavy, about 1MB.  Please be patient while downloading.

I have 20 different headings I hope to have posted throughout the next year. You can also email or post in the forums any requests and I'll try to help out.

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