Classic Children's Songs and Nursery Rhymes Printables: There are printable song sheets with the lyrics to all your favorites, and also some Mother Goose nursery rhymes and chant cards you can printout. After teaching the students these songs in class, give out these handouts to the students so they can sing along with their parents at home. Older students can practice their reading as they sing along.

Nursery Rhymes and Chants

Below are some Mother Goose nursery rhymes cards you might be able to use. They're great for reading practice or you can just read off the cards to the students while they look at the pictures.

Three Blind Mice;
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Old Woman Who Lives in A Shoe;
Ants Go Marching

Itsy Bitsy Spider;
Roses are Red

Pop Goes the Weasel;
Sing a Song of Six Pence

Little Boy Blue;
Jack and Jill

10 Little Monkeys;
Jack be Nimble

Little Jack Horner;
3 Little Kittens

Hickory Dickery Dock;
Baa Baa Black Sheep

Polly Put the Kettle On;

Little Miss Muffet;
Humpty Dumpty

These cards are designed to be cut in half the long way and then folded over on themselves. That way the picture is the back of the card and the words are on the front. However, they can be laminated as one long card with the picture to the left of the verses.

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