Welcome to the grammar casino! If your grammar is solid, you can win it all or if not, lose your shirt. This is a great review game or can be used to target specific weak areas. If you like this game check out At the Track! It's similar but with a twist.

The downloads:

These are in .doc (Word) format so you can change the template to suit your language needs. This game can also be used with other foreign languages, French, Spanish, German ...

Formatted A4 size: the grammar casino (full color) the grammar casino (b/w)

Formatted Letter size: the grammar casino (full color) the grammar casino (b/w)

How to play:

Materials needed: 1 copy of the game board per student

Students start with one hundred points

Students read the first sentence.

Students decide if the sentence is grammatically correct or if there is a mistake.

If the sentence is fine, the student checks the box under 'good.'

If there is a mistake in the sentence, the student checks the box under 'no good.'

The students then write in their bet on the bet line. If they are confident, they can bet a lot. If they aren't so confident, they can bet a little. (I generally require a minimum bet of 10 points.)

Students wait for the answer from the teacher.

Once the teacher tells the students the answer, they can check to see if they were correct. If they were correct, they add their bet to their point total. If they were wrong, they subtract their bet from their point total.

Continue to the next problem and repeat.

The student with the most points at the end of the game is the winner.

The line under each sentence can be used to rewrite sentences with a mistake in them or it can be used to translate correct sentences into L1. I sometimes have them do the translation, but recently I have just had them rewrite the sentences that had grammatical errors.

If students lose all of their points: You will have plenty of students that let it all ride every time. A good number of them will go bankrupt. In this case, I loan them another 100 points but tell them they have to give me 200 points back at the end of the game.

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