The game board: Get Four 12 x12 Get Four 10 x 10

This is a single sheet game board designed to be printed on A4 sized paper (slightly thinner, but longer than letter.) You'll need one sheet per student pair. The files are .doc so you can edit the values to practice just about any target language. It's a lot faster than BattleShip or Bombs Away and you'll see everyone in the room talking.

This is a great game for low numbered classes and of course for those dreaded 80+ classes. It also works well for one on one classes.


Students choose a mark of their own. (star, smiley face, heart, diamond, but nothing too elaborate. It's not art class, Kenny!)

Decide who goes first, and the first person can enter her mark anywhere on the board. She would then combine the two sentence portions to make a sentence or question.

The second person would then enter his mark anywhere on the board and also make a sentence or question.

The point of the game is to get four in a row. It's a lot like bingo, but they only need 4 marks in a row. Once a player gets four in a row, she should draw a line through the four and score a point in the score section (if you try to count at the end, you'll go nuts.) The person with the most points at the end of the game is the winner.


The Rules are really up to the teacher, but I allow students to use marks twice as long as they are in a different direction. If the same spot is used both diagonally and vertically, that's Ok. But using the same location in the same direction is not. If that's confusing please ignore it and make up your own rules.


- You can have the students build off of one of the walls. They may start in any column or row, but can't freely place their mark anywhere.

- You can have the students build bottom up. They may place their mark in any column but they must put it in the bottom most spot available.

- Tell the students they must always place their mark attached to another mark. They will grow like a great gelatinous blob. Basically they must build off of the original placement.

Get Four! Challenge: game board

This is a version of the game for students to play one on one. The game is the same but the first person to get 4 in a row wins. Then they break away and find a new person to play with.

A fun way to play this is to give one paper to each pair of students and the winner of the game keeps the sheet and the loser has to go find a new person to play with (instead of giving out one sheet to every student.)

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