This is a game for review or practice of vocabulary associated around the school building, but much more than that. It can be used to practice target language like:

Mr. Jones wants me to ...

You need to ...

I came here, because ...

I came here to talk to ...

Can I borrow ...? / May I borrow ...?

Game downloads

game board, game cards

b/w game board and game cards with b/w backings

How to play: simple version

- Give each group a game board, markers, a set of game cards and dice.

- The red spots are action spots that require the students to take a game card.

- The first player rolls the dice and moves that many spots in any direction, but the player can't change course during the move. For example, they can't go three moves one way and two moves back. They may go backwards to avoid a red spot.

- Before the student can enter the goal, they have to have at least three game cards. The more cards you have them collect, the more they'll use the language, but the longer the game will take.

- Once students have three game cards, they can enter the goal. The first player to the goal is the winner!

How to use the language: When students draw game cards, you can insert the speaking task.

You can have them read the card out loud or silently. Then the teacher or the group ask them: 'What does the teacher want you to do?' and the students answer:

'She wants me to come to the library.'

'She asked me to come to the library.'

And/or you can have them read the card out loud or silently and the students move to the appropriate location. Then the teacher or the group ask them: 'What's up, Kenny?' or 'What do you need, Kenny?' and the students answer:

'I came here because Mr. Jones called me.'

'I came here to see to Mr. Johnson.'

'Mr. Jones wants to see me.'

The boys' room and girls' room cards are straight forward:

'Excuse me. I need to go to the restroom.'

To decrease the amount of time it takes and for larger groups, you can pair up students as one team and have them share the speaking tasks. This is also good for practicing plural pronouns: 'Mr. Jones asked us to come to the library. We need to bring him a notebook.' Basically the less 'players' you have on the board the fast you can complete the game (and the less students have to wait for their turn.)

Personalize the game: If you want to create your own game cards that have the teachers' names for the school your teaching at, you can use these game cards and alter the teacher's name. This is a Word .doc file.

Variation: Same as above but students must collect items upon drawing cards.

- You'll need two sets of small game cards. (I use the classroom game cards.) Place the cards in two piles a good distance from each other, but within reach of everyone. You just don't want the sets to accidentally get mixed together. You then have a draw pile and a possession pile.

- Before starting have each student draw a couple items from the possessions pile, and then play the game as above.

- After reading from the game cards where the teachers want them to go, have another student draw a flashcard from the draw pile. They would then say 'He wants you to bring him a ruler. Do you have a ruler?'

- If the student has the item, they say, 'Yes.' and move to the location they were called to and return each card to the respective piles.

- If the student doesn't have the item, They say, 'No.' and then they can ask one of the other students for the item.

S1: Lisa, do you have a ruler?

S2: Yes, I do.

S1: Can I borrow your ruler?

S2: No!

* For fun, I allow them to say 'no' one time if they want. But on the second time around, they must say 'yes.' This allows them to stall another team.

- Once the student has the item, they move to the location they were called to and return each card to the respective piles.

- If the student doesn't find the card on the first try,

S1: Lisa, do you have a ruler?

S2: No, I don't. Sorry. What do you need it for?

S1: Mr. Johnson needs it. Thanks anyway.

the student draws one card from the possession pile and then the student's turn is over and he must wait for the next time around to ask another student for the item. (This part is a little like Go Fish.)

- If the student land on one of the rooms, I allow them to take one card from the possessions pile. That way they can collect a few more possessions before they land on a red spot. Also, the teacher or group members can ask:

S1: Hey, Kenny. What's up?

S2: Nothing. I just came here to get something/my notebook.

If you have them say what card they picked up then the other students can try to remember who was what. That keeps them involved when it's not their turn and also encourages them to ask the question ;)

- If the students get 'the girls' room' or the 'boys' room' cards, they don't have to bring anything to anyone. remember they are trying to collect game cards. So, they get one for free!

This version take a long time to play, 30-45min. depending on how many students you have. The more students in one group, the longer it takes.

If you have an idea for a variation, post it in the games forum! I'm sure there are all kinds of games and variations for this. You can also post any questions you have about the game in there.

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