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Games for Rushing and Complaining I NEED 
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Post Games for Rushing and Complaining I NEED
Ok The school forced curriculum is worthless. I haev to coem up on a weekly basis a new activity each week based on the lesson objective.

My next two lesson objectives are "Make up dialogs of hurrying up." And "Make up dialogues for complaining."

Fri Jun 13, 2008 9:43 am

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Post complaining
HI hikemonster, i am assuming you are teaching adults here, anyhoos heres an idea for conversation, am sure you could adapt it to kids with a little thought, if teaching kids is the case, I have used this with adult conversations and its interesting. You could make a questionaire with the topic being "what makes me angry......" and at the top right corner write numbers one to five, with number one being "no problem" #2 "a little irritating" #3 annoying #4 now i am getting angry #5 makes me furious.
Then write situations that commonly annoy people to the point of complaining, i will write some sentances for example

*people smoking in a non-smoking retaurant
*people spitting in public (i actually complained to someone for doing this)
*people talking loudly on the cell phones
*People who let their dogs dirty the roads and parks
*People who play their music loudly after midnight
*People who drive too close to the car infront ( i hate this)
*People who empty their car ashtrays onto the street
*People who dont control their kids in public
*People who bump into you and dont apologise

as i said you could adapt this according to age, kids complain all the time so am sure you could brain storm kiddie complaints. So ask your students to rate these sentances, for example, how to you feel when someone drives too close to you?.....ask the student to rate it from the numbers above, does it annoy them,, is it no problem?, or a little irritating?
This way they can learn some vocab too. hope this helps. good luck.

Tue Jun 17, 2008 9:15 am

Joined: Tue Jun 10, 2008 4:25 pm
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Post That is a good idea.
I teach middle school English in SK. I am using English Hot Potato for rushing. They have 5 seconds to say where they are rushing to in a full sentence. They get an extra 5 seconds if they say one of the key phrases.

For complaining I am using the coffeepot game. They have to replace what they are complaining about with the word coffeepot. And the other students have a set time to guess what they are complaining about.

But I will take all the suggesstions for new activities for my girls.

Tue Jun 17, 2008 2:24 pm
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I like the idea of teaching students specifically about complaining. I have a high school class that it would go over really well with.

I'm going to introduce it this week as straight info, no games. I'm going to have them respond to some senarios and with the answers and then have them make up some of their own.

Teacher: How about when ...?
It doesn't bother me if .../when ...
It irritates me a little when ...
It bothers me when ...
It irritates me when ...
It annoys me when ...
It pisses me off when ...

Next week I'm going to put those on some dice
and play a simple snakes and ladders game with students making up thier own ending with each roll. I'm also going to have them ask someone else.
Does it bother you when ...?

They're pretty good so I'm also going to have them practice making negative questions using their assumptions or when they are looking for agreement:
Doesn't it annoy you when your inbox has 1500 spam messages?

Last lesson I'm going to make a Bounce Around game board with a bunch of senarios on the board. They'll do the same as before, both make their own statements and ask someone else a question.

Build up! Be positive! Teach hard!

Tue Jun 17, 2008 8:16 pm
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