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Snowmobile Poker 
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Post Snowmobile Poker
I just read the blackjack article and it made me think of snowmobile poker in Wisconsin. Anyways, I think this could easily be adapted into a fun game. This is definitely for students ages 13+.

This is a rough draft, so please give me your feedback, adaptions, and any ideas to make the game more simple or run smoothly. I've never actually tried this, so... do it at your own risk.

The students have to complete a set number of tasks. At the end of each task they recieve a normal playing card. At the end of all the tasks, they have a hand of cards and will play one round of poker to see who wins. Students that complete more tasks get more cards and therefore have better chances of winning.

Here are some ideas for tasks;

Flashcard Translations- the students (or groups of students) are shown a flashcard and have to either give the word in English, translate the word into/from L1, or use the word in a sentence.

Scavanger Hunt - teams of students get directions to places and each place hides a poker card for each team.

Conversation Boths- teams of students go booth to booth with teachers or students at multiple booths. They complete a language task at each booth and may recieve a card.

Semester Long Reward System- the students can recieve cards for completing tasks throughout the year (getting an A on a test), completing assignments on time, etc. etc.

At the end, the students have one card for each task they were able to complete. I'd try to make sure all students have at least 5 cards. Probably 10 max.


Students could be allowed to trade in cards for new cards by completing a seperate language task.

Example, before starting the game, students can decide to trade up to 3 cards. If they want to trade, they have to introduce themselves in English, two sentences for each card they want to trade.


Students can place down their cards and see who is the winner. This could be done for a reward like stickers or for braging rights. It could also be done against auctioned items, like all the crap you want to get rid of at the end of the year. They could choose which items they want and play against the other students who want that item. The student with the best hand wins, and cannot play again. The other students can try again with another item.

For instance:

I bring forward the tattered ball I used to use in the classroom for games. Students who want to try and get the ball step forward and place down their cards. The student with the best hand wins but can not bet again. Students with worse hands can still try for another item.

*I took this idea from Snowmobile Poker. The original game is that people snowmobile (or walk) bar to bar. At each bar they drink a beer and recieve a card. At the end of 5 bars they can drink extra beers to trade in cards (1 beer per trade). Then they make bets and see who wins.

I like this idea, but it still seems kind of rough on the edges. So please send me some feedback.

Tue Nov 18, 2008 12:48 pm
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