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Regular activities during classes 
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Post Regular activities during classes
Im trying to think of some new activities that i can use in every lesson. i have many 3 hour classes for kindergarten kids, so its obviously too hard to do new stuff all the time, so having certain activities that i can use is a must.

I have some things i usually do, but am trying to think of new ideas. I usually do some of these things

Around the class---(T)eacher whats your name? (S)tudent my name is Miku (S) whats your name? S2 my name is Mika etc

Can use other Qs, how are you, how old are you. What fruit/color etc do you like?

Color touching around the room, show card and kids run and touch.

ABC grab, kids get some abc magnets that i call out and set them up in order.

Letter of the week... Writing practice, color something to do with that letter.

im wondering if there are any things around that i arent thinking about. Summer holiday has nearly finished and i really need new ideas, slowly sinking.......

Thu Aug 19, 2010 3:36 pm
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Sorry for the radio silence :)

What about

a number of the day and kids have to try to find something in the room that is exactly that number.

a shape of the day and the students need to try to find things that are the same or similar shape.

a bad word of the day - choose a flashcard and make that the bad word of the day. Every time you say the word students have to race away from the card. They have to get up out of their seats and run to the furthest spot in the room. Move the card around throughout the lesson.

a good word of the day - choose a flashcard and make that the good word of the day. Every time you say the word students have to run and touch the card. Again they have to get up out of their seats and touch the card. Move the card around throughout the lesson.

Those last 2 are just ideas to get the students attention and refocus them or give them a chance to burn some energy and have some fun. Then you can sit down and do some focused learning. They'll also be paying attention to where the card is (especially when you move it) and listening for the words. That is to say some will be listening and paying attention :)

a question battle time - best if you have an alarm sound or something to signify it. Maybe get a rope and make like a sumo ring at the front. Draw 2 names out of a hat and have them come to the front. Ask your question, like "what's your name?". Then the first student to answer correctly stays. then draw another name out of the hat for the next challenger. Ask a new question. Do this 2 or 3 times and declare the final student the winner. You could probably do this 2-3 times through the 3 hours. You could use flashcards or anything. Start easy and build to more difficult questions as they get better or more advanced.

a break time or snack time - I don't know if that's possible, but it would be good to take 5 during a 3 hour session. Also, in a more relaxed setting you can have more natural conversations. also, there is a lot that can be learned with conversations about food, questions, and manners. We eat 3 times a day (in general) so having that time, getting ready, choosing helpers, cleaning up, etc can all be done in English.

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Fri Oct 22, 2010 10:48 pm
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wow! am guessing you have many short breaks in that time as even with attentive adults, 3 hours would be a killer. If you are talking/asking about things to do to break the times and change tack etc then have you tried posting pics/flashcards around the class? Make them different topics and mixed among each other (or together in topics if you think best) and ask the kids to run and touch/point to items you say? I did this last semester with fruit and vegetable flashcards (A4 size) from this site and as it was with older kids of year 2 and 3, I wrote the names of fruits and vegetables on a post it sticker and they had to run and stick them on the appropriate flashcards in the given time. Can be adapted to youn g kids with vocal commands and becomes a game as well.

Fri Oct 29, 2010 3:50 pm

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a question battle time - is a really great idea. I would also prepare a set of cards with questions so that the kids themselves (not the contestants, the rest of the class) will be asking them. If the kids cannot read the words can be replaced by pics. E.g. lots of different vegetables on the card and a question mark would mean 'What is your favourite vegetable?' I'm so gonna use this game next week. :D

danryo, I would also use different hunts during the lessons. They can be topical. For example, you want to revise Colours and Animals. You cut out animals of different colours (the whole animal should be that colour) and hide them all around the room. You make a list of things the children have to find, unite them into 2 teams and give them some time. (a timer would be handy). After that you all check whether all the animals have been found.

Hunts alone are great, but if you could somehow use their findings in the next activity this would be even better. E.g. the animals from the previous activity can be used to make a farm or a zoo or both! The kids can paste the pictures to a poster and be happy that they have a material result. And this will also be a craft session.

Hunt objects and possible follow-up activities:
shapes - make people out of them, houses or vehicles
furniture - create a room
clothes - dress up a doll/teddy bear or simply make a clothes boutique
letters - make words
school objects - make a schoolbag and stick the objects onto it.
story characters - tell a story with them

As you can see the possibilities are endless.

Sun Nov 21, 2010 12:43 am
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