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Christmas activities
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Author:  danryo [ Mon Dec 12, 2011 11:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Christmas activities

I have some mini Christmas parties coming up. Wondering what kind of games are popular for kindergarten kids.

I like the pass the parcel game, but am thinking about one other activity, any ideas?

Author:  mesmark [ Tue Dec 20, 2011 10:19 am ]
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Sorry, I've been slammed with end of the year stuff and a new games project. I haven't had time to write a response.

One of my adult students (who is an English teacher) does pass the parcel but she puts some things in some of the layers of the wrapping as well. I thought that was a pretty fun idea. It keeps the students interested, even if they are on the first few layers of wrapping.

You could do a Christmas version of spiders and candy. Just print out some presents and maybe some Scrooge cards.

Same adult student as above described a game where students are dealt cards and they pass one card to the next person on each turn. They try to get 4 of the same card. There are candies on the table, one less than the number of students in the group. When one student collects 4 of the same card, they quietly take one of the candies. At that point any student in the group can take one candy. Students have to pay attention because the slowest to notice or grab won't get any candy. Not really an English game but it sounded fun. You'll need 4 of the same card and enough for each student in a group - so 4x 1 santa, 4x 1 reindeer, and 4x 1 angel - if we had just 3 people in a group. I think this would work better for larger groups (6-8 in a group.)

This year I've been a little lazy. We're just playing bingo, Go Fish, Memory and Slap, my core games :D

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