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make your own plurals
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Author:  enjoyinglifeinseoul [ Fri Feb 06, 2009 9:54 am ]
Post subject:  make your own plurals

I've always wanted more plurals sets. Except for the people 2 set and the animals 1 set, there weren't any other options. I hate to put more pressure on Mark with more requests; Lord knows I have made enough of them since joining the site.

I'm sure some folks have already done this, but for those of you who are real busy and maybe haven't thought of it yet here's what I have done.

I've made my own plural sets. Basically I print out the large flash cards, but I set the properties to two up for larger cards and 16 up to make game cards.

Then I cut a paste. With the food cards you can easily fit several hotdogs, corndogs and a few hamburgers and sandwiches on a large flash card/smallflashcard, same with pencil, pens, and a few others from the classroom set.

At first I just did it for the food. For clasroom items I would just hold up one or 5 pencils etc. This was fine for language practice but not as flexible when it came to games and activities.

Sure they all have tons of pencils (well at my old school they did, here they always borrow mine. At first it bothered me, but now even my first graders can say, "Teacher may I borrow a pencil please.)

So far I have just made the food/classroom sets and am in the process of making a few others.

Mostly I am just using items. It's fine if 2 hamburgers or pencials look the same, but 2 identical guys reading or hiking just isn't the same. (I guess you could say they are twins).

I did make a few of the sports (skiing, snowboarding, and one or two others.)

Obvisously you don't have to do it for all the items in a set, just a few helps to introduce/reinforce the target language.

Anyway, I use them not just for teaching the target langauge "It is a/an....They are.......", but also "I had a hamburger/some hamburgers for lunch" and "There is one desk" "there are 5 pencils."

If you don't want to make new sets you could always use the number cards with the other items cards or the plural people set with actions/verbs, but again this is not as flexible when it comes to games and activities.

They work real well when playing a speed game, becasue the students have to pay attention to the entire sentence and not just the item on the card.

For example with "slap", they have to listen for I have a pencil or I have some pencils and They are skiing/He is skiing. The fastest kid doesn't always win. Now they have to really listen and then search for the right card.

I might make some bingo cards too, but the images will be awfully small so I am not sure.

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