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Valentine's Day Lesson Ideas
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Author:  tbibbo [ Tue Feb 13, 2007 5:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Valentine's Day Lesson Ideas

I was wondering what everyone does for their Valentine's Day lesson? I normally do the lesson in two parts. The first day we cover vocabulary and play Valentine's Day Color Bingo from the DLTK's web-site:
I love this particular Bingo game b/c it has so many combinations and it takes forever for the students to get bingo.

Then on the second day we make Valentine's Day Cards using templates from the DLTK site. I normally buy those large 16oz jars of glitter (you can order them on-line) and some glue to spice up the cards. Japanese kids LOVE glitter. They don't seem to have glitter in this form. I've only seen some small glue sticks with glitter at the 100 yen store but I've never seen jars of glitter. I normally mix red & sliver glitter into large Tupperware containers with plastic spoons so the kids can pour/shake the glitter onto their cards. I have the older kids write messages such as "Friends Forever", "You're Great", I Love You", "Be Mine", etc. I've also made cards with construction paper, aluminum foil (to make shiny hearts), origami paper and those doilies that you use to decorate cakes & cookies.
The kids really love the doilies and glitter; it makes the project FUN!!! :mrgreen: I would love to hear about other ideas for Valentine's Day.....

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