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Author:  ktupper [ Thu Jan 18, 2007 6:06 pm ]
Post subject:  part-time job flashcards

Occasionally I'm called into our local vocational school as a guest native speaker. Sometimes it is challenging to capture these teen-agers' interest because they are only there for 8 weeks before returning to work. The part-time job flashcards depict activities which are perfect for this age group.

I was thinking that I'd tote along a basket full of odds and ends, like maybe popcorn, a shovel for digging weeds, ear plugs, a water wing, a duster, a raincoat poncho, etc. Each pupil would get an object, decide which part-time job it best fits, and then go stand in front of that card. It doesn't matter if more than one student end up by the same picture. For example. a water wing represents working around water. It might be the "as a lifeguard" or "at a camp" card. It leaves lots of room for one's imagination to soar. Some of the Ss give quite perky answers, and I'm curious to hear each pupil explain why he or she is standing in front of that particular flashcard.

Wish me well! It's not until Friday (this week or next, depending) so if anyone has any tips, I'm grateful.

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