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Simple Preschool ABC.
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Author:  Totuss [ Thu Dec 14, 2006 1:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Simple Preschool ABC.

If you teach at a preschool ,have lots of kids in one class ,and have a big room to use this will be good for you. Get Ss in groups of 2 or 3. Have the kids sit in there group. Pick 1 group to stand out front where everyone can see them. Help one student lay on his back Help another lay down beside him so there heads touch. Should look like a V. Lay the last student across the other students legs. Now you have an upper case A. Have the rest of the class look at this then ask if they can do it. Presto you have An ABC game. From A to Z kids will do there best to make them. Say "Make the letter F." kids will be jumping over each other so there group will be the fastest. Give points to the fastest group, the nicest letter ect. Point at a good group and yell "PERFECT YOU GET ONE POINT." Have that group jump up and down. Other groups will want to try harder for the next letter. If all groups do a good job yell out " FANTASTIC EVERYONE ONE POINT." Kids will be bounceing of the walls. Good for ages 4 up. If kids know ABC dont show the letter just say it.
I had lots of fun playing this game at preschools hope it works for you.

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