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Ideas for using the "Town" games 
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Post Ideas for using the "Town" games
So, I've used my Little Town and High Town cards a couple of times, and they're working great. I think they have a lot of good language for the kids to practice, and I'd like to use them some more, but I don't want to do the same game all the time. So far, I've done the guessing game suggested on the download page.

So, what kinds of activities do you guys do with these cards? My students are mid and upper elementary, not strong readers, beginners. But feel free to post higher level games, too- someone else might find them useful, or they might be adaptable.


Mon Feb 09, 2009 1:30 pm

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You could have the students go around and try to find someone who likes/dislikes the same thing, lives on the same street, or does the same thing after school, etc.

In otherwords, lets say I play soccer after school, then I go around and introduce myself to another student (you can also skip this part and the students can pretend they already know each other.) It does really matter which student asks and which answers cuz they aren't competing against that student, ut you can do rock, scissors, paper if you want, tihs also helps to gaurantee that they sometimes ask and sometimes answer.

Anyway, I would go up to another student and say I play or I am playing soccer after school, what are you doing? If they are doing something else then the students seperate and interact with another student unitl they find a match.

You can then have that pair sit down or have the two of them go up to another individual/group and say we are playing after school, what are you doing? If the third student/group is also playing soccer, she/he/they join/joins the group.

The biggest group at the end wins or which every group is formed first wins.

It takes a little prep before hand cuz you want to make sure each card has at least one match or more depending on how you are playing.

You can also make it more advanced such as, I am playing soccer after school, do you want to play? The other student replies, sure that would be great or sorry I can't I am playing baseball or sorry, I'm playing baseball.

Other options, if the the answer is no to the first question, then they can ask a 2nd/3rd question. I like purple do you? I live on Dog street where do you live? I usually only do this if I am having them sit down after the first match, otherwuise it gets confusing.

If your kids don't like to move around or you have kids that don't talk but just show esach other their cards, then you can have all the students stand up and then one student can asks a few students if they want to play soccer etc. When they find a match those two can sit down.

With this last option I would reccomend that if they ask more than one student that you have them ask a different question otherwise some students who also like purple/play soccer try and get the other student to pick them. (Then again as long as they are all using the target language and having fun who cares.)

I never done any of these activites with the cards. I've always made up my own sheets, but this activity should work fine with the cards.

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Mon Feb 09, 2009 4:31 pm

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Thanks for the idea, this is the kind of the game that makes children talk and ask. Besides you may use it to make some groups. Still I don't understand its place at the lesson. Is is proper at the lesson?

Mon Feb 09, 2009 9:18 pm
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You can use the cards to make pairings like:

"He likes red, and she likes red." or
"They (both) like red." or even more advanced
"Both of them like red."

You can do this by playing Go Fish or Memory.

Recently, I have been using the cards with the Yes/No cards. I give everyone one Yes card and one No card. Then I draw one of the High Town cards for example and ask, 'Is he good at science?'

Students have to guess whether they think that character is good at science or not. Then the students repeat the question to me, "Is he good at science?" and I answer.

If they guess correctly, they get a point.

You can make it more advanced, and have them tell you what they are guessing but add this bit at the front, 'I don't know if he is good at science or not, but I'm guessing he isn't." Then you can use it to practice embedded questions.

Just changing what the students need to say before we get to the point earning task is how I use the game to practice more difficult language structures.

Some people have taped one card to each of the students' backs. The students then have to find out as much about the person as they can in a certain amount of time. So, they go around the class and ask questions. You can allow them to ask out right 'What's his favorite color?' or make it more difficult and only allow yes/no questions, 'Is his favorite color black?/Does he like black?'.

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Mon Feb 09, 2009 9:56 pm
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I really like this idea. I will try it and then let you know how it went! Thanks :)

Happy teaching,


Sat Jul 04, 2009 7:06 pm

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Post french primary school students

I'm a french teacher, and I teach english to 8 years old french students. This game seems particularly adapted to my pupils, altough it has some writing on. Do you have sets without writings (only images)?

Thank you

Tue Jul 07, 2009 9:41 pm

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Post Re: Ideas for using the "Town" games
Besides practicing general questions with these cards and the sequencing activities.

I like that they have a schedule with verbs corresponding to different days. Great for practicing Q&A with various verb tenses.

Instead of just a mixer style, where students wander around asking each other ¨what will you do on Saturday¨¨I will clean my room¨, I tried it out with 2 lines.

Line A and line B are facing each other, and students from line A ask students from line B questions using future tense while the student from line B answered according to the schedule on their card.

Then Line B asks and line A answers.

Then they have to switch cards and line A rotates while line B stays in the same place. Now they have new partners and new schedules and repeat the Q and A.

I like to jump in and out of the lines to see how the students are doing and I also add more cards so that no one gets stuck repeating the same thing.

Fri Jun 01, 2012 9:21 am

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Post Re: Ideas for using the "Town" games
You could do a listening activity with the game. A variation on bingo.
You could say a statement (for high town) I am going to watch Alien Robots.
You could ask, Do you like baseball.
The only thing is you'd have to create a bingo sheet that would go with the cards

Mon Mar 18, 2013 5:16 pm

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Post Re: Ideas for using the "Town" games
Have you tried the Inner/outer circle technique? Here's how to do it :
Make two cicles of students facing eachother. Students take turns asking and answering questions like "What's your name" "What's your favourite colour" etc. Have a timer buzzing after 1 minute and the students from the outer circle move one space to their left. The activity ends when all the students have had time to "drill" the vocabulary.

I use this technique to drill vocabulary and to evaluate my students' speaking skills.

Wed Apr 03, 2013 11:14 pm
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