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Activity: Whose is it?
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Author:  alabemos [ Tue Nov 07, 2006 1:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Activity: Whose is it?

This activity works well with up to 6 students. Each person, including the teacher, puts an item in the middle of the table. The item could be a watch, a shoe, a pencil--anything that will fit comfortably on the table.

Now you can practice Q & A such as, "Whose pen is this?,It is Jose's. Is this mine? No it's not. Is that eraser yours? Yes, it is."

If someone puts a coin on the table, I like to tease and say "This is mine!" and put it in my pocket for a few seconds, then return it saying, "No, it is Francisco's money!"

With students with more vocabulary, I may discuss the items..."Where did you get this?, I want to buy one like it. etc."

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