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Pocket chart activity
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Author:  alabemos [ Tue Nov 07, 2006 1:27 am ]
Post subject:  Pocket chart activity

Here is a fun activity you can do with a pocket chart. This is one of the favorites of the children I work with.

Put picture or number cards in the pockets. I like to use the calendar style or 100's chart for number practice. On the back of some of the cards, known only to you, place a sticker. The object of the game is to guess which cards have a sticker on the back. If you play this game at a party, you can give a small reward to those who find the stickers. Swap the stickers around now and then, because the kids memorize them!

Each child in turn, calls out the name of one of the objects pictured (or the number shown.) The teacher turns over the card to reveal if there is a sticker or not. Leave the card turned over so you can easily see which cards are remaining.


After playing for a few minutes, choose a student to over the cards.

If you don't have a pocket chart, you could do this as a table card game, with the pictures spread out and the sticker side down.

Receptive practice: The teacher calls out the word, and the students in turn must turn over the correct card. (Stickers aren't necessary in this case.)

Use scenes rather than objects. : The girl is running. The man is tall. etc.

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