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Describing clothes
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Author:  chmiroau [ Mon Aug 08, 2011 10:32 am ]
Post subject:  Describing clothes

Recently the school where I work has started monthly whole school language projects. This months project was called "Fashion Show". The idea was to get the kids to model clothes and then have someone else describe what the students were wearing, not very easy with the young ones, so I came up with an easy idea that might be useful. My students' ages range from 6 for the young ones, to 11 (four classes).

First, I wanted to set up a situation where the students would have to co-operate, so first I spent some time making word searches using adjectives for clothes, like colours for the young ones and, more descriptive adjectives for the older ones. I also had mixed in words for clothes items. One student had colours, the other student had more descriptive adjectives for clothes. Then in pairs the students had to find the words.

The first 5 words they found had to be written down on a special piece of paper. These 5 words became 5 of the words that they had to use for their fashion show display.

For the young ones we just used fashion magazines to find the clothes they needed and then cut and pasted them onto some paper. For the slightly older ones, they were asked to draw their model wearing the clothes. Easy for the girls, but not so easy for the boys, so a fresh idea was needed. The answer was to introduce aliens and robots for the boys. The idea was a huge hit and every one had a great time talking about their pictures.

Then finally they had to write a speech about their pictures which was pasted on the back of their pictures so that it was easy for them to read when doing the speaking exercise.

The total time for this project was about 3 hours spread over 3 weeks and all the kids had a great time. When the day came to display their work, almost all of the kids had a great time and were very proud of what they had achieved. They all (except for the very shy ones) got up in front of the whole school, parents and all, and all the kids were very proud of what they had done. There were very few problems, and all the kids got to take something home.

Hope that this simple idea can help someone out there in ESL land.

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