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Marco polo will send you to the hospital.
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Author:  xenofied [ Fri Nov 26, 2010 1:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Marco polo will send you to the hospital.

We all know the game marco polo, and it is so perfect for the classroom it'll make you hit your head on the table for an hour for not thinking of it yourself. It is amazing how much the kids love playing this one. I have only tried it with kids so I have no idea how adults or teens would react. here is how I play it.

S1 closes his/hers eyes. then everyone else has 5 seconds to hide. Then everyone but the S1 takes turns practicing whatever English you need them to practice. From this the S1 can judge where each person is.

After everyone's turn is up, S1 has 3 steps to take in an attempt to find someone and touch all the while keeping his/hers eyes closed. If successful the student who was touched becomes S1 and the game starts over again. if not, everyone but S1 gets to take 3 steps in any direction they want and the process is repeated. every single class I have tried this with has loved it to death.

The last time I played it we got pretty rambunctious and I ended up on one of the desks leaning over to get a student I thought was right in front of me, but turned out wasn't. I fell off the desk and banged my arm up pretty good. all the students were so worried that I broke something, but it was just a bad bruise. probably the funnest English class I ever had.

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