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go up, go down, go over to - practice activity
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Author:  mesmark [ Thu Nov 11, 2010 8:49 am ]
Post subject:  go up, go down, go over to - practice activity

I've recently been using the Treasure Island game to practice adding "up", "down" and "over" in combination with a motion verb.

The game is played without any deathly hazards. You just add in certain things to stall your opponent. I have them add 7 things that will cause their partner to miss a turn and then 3 food items that will work as "go again" squares.

Students move around the island one square at a time and advance by saying, "I walked over to B4. Is there anything in B4?" Once one of the students finds their partner's treasure, the game is over. Or they are the winner and the other partner continues to search until they find the treasure.

This variation or addition will work best if the students are already familiar with the game. I remove the hazards from the game so that players continue to practice the target language. You can certainly use this with the original version as well, how to play the Treasure Island game.

Once they are familiar with the usage, try to get them to use it more in their everyday English.

"I went to my friends house yesterday."
- - > "I went over to my friends house yesterday."

"My sister climbed onto the table."
- - > "My sister climbed up onto the table."

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