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"Animals" the card game! 
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Post "Animals" the card game!
This is a fun card game that can be used to teach vocabulary, or possibly sentences. I did it with animals and it worked really well. I pulled it off of this website: ... r_kids.htm

How to play:

1. Each student recieves an animal name (or number, or whatever). I had my students choose flashcards randomly out of a pile. Then students practice saying each others animal name.

2. Pass out regular playing cards face down. Students can not look at the cards.

3. Rock, paper, scissors to see who goes first.

4. Students take turns putting cards out on the table. If a student places a card of the same suit as the previous card, then any student can take the entire pile by saying the name of the student who placed the last card three times. So if the "penguin" student puts down a diamond on a diamond, the other students race to say "penguin, penguin, penguin!" If they say the wrong animal or it is not a match, they have to give up a card from their pile.

5. Play for a while, see who has the biggest pile, and then start over. I like to stop before any students has lost all of their cards.

The site suggests using hard and long animal names, but with beginners in English, normal ones are hard enough.

I did, however, prepare flash cards of longer animal names. In the end, I decided not to play the game with them, but we still had fun trying to say them three times fast.

Some of the long funny animal names I found were:

The Amazonian Umbrellabird
The Pig-nosed Turtle
The Duck-billed Platypus
The Spiney Anteater
The Three-toed Giant Sloth
The Pygmy Marmoset
The Yellow-bellied Sap Sucker

Here are some more good ones:

The Sonora Shovel-nosed snake
The Western Spade-foot Toad
The Tiger Salamander
The Pygmy Gliding Possum
The Philipenne Flying Lemur
The Giant Golden-Crowned Flying Fox

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