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Last Card Out - vocabulary practice + questions practice
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Author:  mesmark [ Tue Jul 14, 2009 10:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Last Card Out - vocabulary practice + questions practice

Last Card Out

This is a simple game to review vocabulary and the two questions 'What's this?' and 'What's that?' but it can be adapted to other target structures. It's a nice warm-up.

The students need to be familiar with the vocabulary.

- the teacher holds a deck of small game cards and one by one flips a card on the table toward the students. The teacher says 'What's that?' and gets the answer.

- the teacher holds the last card out of site and then asks 'What's this?'

- the first student to name the vocabulary word is the winner and gets a point.

You can then repeat the process, going through the cards faster to make it more difficult. Another way to make it more difficult is to stack the cards. With older students I only allow them one guess. That way they aren't just shouting out all the words (but that's not entirely bad either just not fair to the quieter students.)

Once the students have played and are used to the game, hand the deck over to them and let them 'be the teacher'. That way they get to practice the question.

***** variations *****

Not really a variation, but this game will work with any target structure.
- toss out verb cards and ask 'What's he doing?'

The initial question and last question don't need to be related.
- toss out fruit and ask 'Do you like ...?' but on the last card ask 'What's this?'

(I may have posted this somewhere before, but I'm working on posting the curriculum and I need to reference this game ... :D )

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