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Post Halloween
Now I know it's a bit early, but halloween is my favourite time of year, and I like to start some of the halloween vocab and early activities in the beginnin of October.
I have a few games I'd like to share, and hopefully there will be a few more ideas added as we get closer. I'm always looking for a new game or something scarily fun.

Skeleton Race.
First you need a picture of a skeleton in pieces. If you find one in a craft book that has the legs arms head body torso hands etc separate, it will work.
Then you need to enlarge each piece to a more lifelike size - If the pieces are on an A4 sheet, then enlarge them to A3 is probably enough.
Laminate the body parts. You will need several sets.

Split your class into teams. and give each team a roll of tape.
Put the piles of skeleton bones around the classroom or even out in the hallway.
One student from each team is elected to be the skeleton.
Then when you are ready to start, one student from each team comes to the teacher. The teacher asks a question, or lets the student draw a card, and if the correct response is given, that student is allowed to go get a bone. The teacher continuously asks questions to the students remaining from the other groups.
When they get a bone, they must rush back to their team, and tape the bone on the elected skeleton. The bones must be taped to the proper place.
When the skeleton has been built at last, the skeleton must come to the teacher, without any of the bones falling off, and answer a question. The first skeleton to answer correctly will win the game for their team.

The Spider Walk relay.
Not as much English involved, but fun for younger kids.
you need some rope, and a pilon. and even numbered teams of students.
Ask how many legs a spider has, when they answer 8, then you explain that they will become spiders.
Have two students sit on the floor, hip to hip. Tie the rope around their middle. THe students must "crab walk" together around the obsticles.
When they get back to the start, the next pair goes
(crab walk is facing the cieling, and walking on your hands and feet - kind of an upside down crawl.) If they don't work together, it can be quite funny.
To add more English, you can have them asnwer question obsticles.

Jack-o-Lantern Trivia.
I have a bunch of small Jack-O-Lanterns. I give each team one. I put the teams at the back of the room, and I stand at the front.
I will ask a trivia question.
The first team to place their Jack-O-Lantern in my hands, gets a chance to answer. A correct answer earns one point for their team.

There are hundreds of good trivia questions at varying different levels. I'll try to post some of them here later.

Pin the Mouth on the Jack-O-Lantern (Or Pin the Broom on the witch)
You need some sheet magnet. and a white/black board, blindfolds and small teams.
This is a halloween twist on the classic donkey game.

Cut the sheet magnet into the shape of a Jack-O-Lantern's mouth. (x2)
Draw two Jackolanterns on the board, but not with their mouth.
One person from each team steps up, and gets blindfolded. They are handed a mouth. Then spun many times. When you say go, they must find the black board, and put the mouth in the right place.
The rest of their team can shout Directions - Left, Right, Back, Go forward etc.
The Closest person to the right place wins.
If this is too easy, try to put a time limit on it.

Zombie Attack
A low tech version of space invaders.
You'll need a few pictures of zombies. Big ones, and small ones. and they need to be laminated.
You also need some form of suction cup projectile. ball form or gun form.

Place all the zombies at the top of the whiteboard.
Draw a few home bases at the bottom - one for each team.

The teacher asks a limited number of questions - anything you need review of. For each correct response, a projectile is awarded to the appropriate team.
When the questions finish, the zombies move one step closer to the the bases (this step is teacher controled - easier to control the game this way)
Then let the students "open fire"
If a zombie is hit, then it will go back to the top of the board, the safe zombies are one step closer to the bases, and the next round of questions can be asked.
A base that is hit by an approaching zombie will be eaten, and is out of the game.

I'll try and add a few more games when I have time - but please feel free to add to this list. By the actual party time, I hope to have a few new ideas for this year. Thanks in advance.

Sat Sep 13, 2008 5:35 pm
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