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true or false 
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Post true or false
hi all, my students seem to enjoy true or false games. My students are mostly 6th grade. We sit in a circle and the student beginning takes a card for example the health cards - a headache card, the student can either say, i have a headache, or she can lie and say i have a cramp true or false, the student sitting next must think is this the truth or is it a lie, they then respond true or false (you can use true false cards from the hundred yen store here in japan, which has a circle for truth and a cross for false) for those who dont stay in japan am sure you can make these handy cards at home. My students like thinking about this one. and if course they get points if they happen to answere correctly. it happens to prove that ishin denshin doesnt always work,,,,,,but the kids have a laugh trying to read the others mind. You can make this a short game perhaps at the end of the lesson to review the vocab.

Tue Aug 19, 2008 10:41 am

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A variation on this which I find often goes well:

Make some cards along the lines of...

- Tell the class what you did yesterday evening.

- Tell the class how you spent your last summer holiday.

- Tell the class about an accident you had.

- Tell the class about about your great-grandfather.

- Tell the class about a memorable journey you made.

- Tell the class about something strange that happened to you.

- Tell the class about a famous person you met.

- Tell the class about your first school.

- Tell the class about your apartment.

- Tell the class about a public performace you did.

- Tell the class about a time when you spoke English on the phone.

- Tell the class about your ambitions for the future.

Now, organise the class into two teams. A member of Team A takes a card, and secretly writes T or F on that card. If T, then the student gives a true account. If F a made up one.

Team B guess if the story is true or false. If they are wrong, Team A get a point. Then a member of Team B takes a card, and so on.

If the class is too big for everybody to have a turn at speaking, perhaps divide it up into two or more sub groups


Thu Aug 21, 2008 8:58 am
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Post Yes/No game
I thought of a similar game to yours. I think it's good to practice asking questions. I play this game after teaching tenses or auxiliary verbs. The rules might be a little too complicated but my middle school students seem to enjoy it.

First you need multiple 'yes' and 'no' cards. I usally take 'Y' and 'N' cards from my alphabet uno set. You also need flash cards with verbs. I sometimes give my students some blank cards and ask them to write a verb on each card. Each group of 6 needs a die to play this game.

How to play
1. Devide the class into groups of 6 students. Get them to roll a die and whatever number comes out is their number. Student 6 will keep the record of points.
2. Student 1 starts the game. He draws a card from the both pile, yes/no pile and verb pile. Then he rolls the die to choose a student to ask a question. Let's say the number he got was 4. Then student 1 will ask a question to student 4.
3. Student 1 asks a yes/no question using the verb on his card. The question varies depending on target language. i.e) Can you dance?, Did you play soccer yesterday?, or Have you been to Korea?
4. Student 4 answers. He can either lie or tell the truth. If the answer matches the card that Student 1 drew earlier, Student 1 gets a point and repeats the procedure. If the answers are not the same, Student 4 draws cards and asks a question.

I'm not sure if I explained clearly. I hope this helps.

Thu Aug 28, 2008 11:51 pm
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