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Author:  Morning_Calm [ Mon May 22, 2006 4:43 pm ]
Post subject:  Sentence Pictionary

I've been using handouts and pictures from this site to help my students acquire vocabulary. Once students feel comfortable with a few sets of words (for example, household items and directional phrases), we play a Pictionary game.
I write sentences down using a household item and a directional phrase, like "The fork is on the counter" or "The rug is under the table". I have about 20 of these sentences typed, and I cut up the slips of paper (usually glued to cardboard for durability) so that one sentence is on one slip.
The students are divided into two teams. One person comes up and takes a paper from the box provided. For each word in the sentence, the student draws a line on the board, so "The fork is on the counter" has six blank lines. Then, the student starts to draw picture of a fork and a counter. Now, team members must say each word in the sentence and the person drawing writes the words in the blanks. The round is over when the sentence is complete. Then, a person from the next team goes and the process continues until so many points, or so much time passes (however lond you decide to play)
I also write sentences with plurals, so students might draw two forks for "The forks are on the counter", etc.
Once students get the hang of this, I add wacky sentences using vocabulary I know that they know, like "The baby is under the table" or "The monkey is behind the house" and the students laugh. For an added challenge, I add a time limit. Also, sometimes I have a student from team A draw, while students from team B guess the sentence.
I award points for each sentence that's completed. But, if a team gets the sentence right away without error, they get two points, which adds a bit of competitive fun.
Maybe it's a bit elementary, but for my students I think this game helps them remember to use "the" and "a", distinguish "is" versus "are" and practice plural versus singular, along with vocabulary practice. The students seem to have fun, too!

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