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A variation of EIGOMON 
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Post A variation of EIGOMON
My second year senior high school students really enjoy playing EIGOMON. Last week in my class of 6 boys, we had 10 minutes at the end of the lesson and they asked to play. Luckily I just happened to have the cards in my bag of tricks! :D

I divided the boys into 3 teams and instead of playing one on one, I had one member of each of the red, green and blue team battle together ie in 2 groups of 3. They had to use the superlative, so the rock, scissors, paper winner had to ask, "Which is the ~ est?"

This variation worked really well. It moved very fast and a couple of boys kept losing so ended up with not many cards. They wanted to play on to see if they lost them all!!
With about 3 minutes before the end of class, I had all 6 play together, in a mega eigomon battle! :smt041 Again they had to use the superlative. And they had to use a variety of question. They were not allowed to ask any which were previously asked. So we ended up with some odd questions, like "Which one is the most stupid?"!! But it really didn't matter as long as they were using correct English. For this part, instead of using rock, scissors, paper, they just took turns to ask the question.

It was good fun!

Tue Nov 06, 2007 4:35 pm

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I have been doing it in 3`s as well, but getting students to speculate if their character is older, younger or in the middle etc.

Wed Nov 07, 2007 11:51 am

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It seems a little complicated to play this game in a class of 25 pupils, isn't it?
I didn't really understand the way we should play it. (First concerning "rock scissors", and about the questions: when do they ask them? what for?

Wed Nov 07, 2007 8:45 pm

Joined: Fri Nov 10, 2006 3:35 pm
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Location: Yamaguchi, Japan
I played with twenty 11 and 12 year olds today. Divide the class into three teams and get them to deal out the cards to the team members. Our aim was practising numbers so the paper/scissors/rock is a way to decide who picks the winning position in the threesome. The winner chooses either older, middle or younger (I have also used top/middle/bottom as it works for any of the topics) as the winning card. They then ask the other contestants "How old are you?" if age is the chosen topic. The person asked replies I am x years old, then the next person gets asked and replies then the two ask the other one and the winner says "It's me" and gets the other two cards eg if they chose older then the person with the oldest card wins. We are building up to the idea of the leaders and fighters which we should be able to get into soon. I try to use as little L1 as possible and that would be a bit beyond them at the moment. Everything in small steps.

Wed Nov 07, 2007 9:42 pm
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