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War style card game for BIG reviews 
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Post War style card game for BIG reviews
I kind of came up with this game when I realized I wouldn't have enough time to print out enough Get 'Em game cards to be able to handle my elementary classes of 25-30 kids. So, it's roughly based on the same concept, except you can play it using a few decks of trump cards, which most of us can get ahold of more easily than we can print out and glue 100+ PDF file ones.

Its like this: assign each question and answer set you want to review to a particular suit of card. Because there are four suits, ideally you should wait until you need to review that many questions before you play, though you could do it with 2 questions, and assign two suits to each one.

Then, review questions while you explain that such and such suit will now become that question. As you introduce the suit assignments, pull out the ace of that suit and put it on the board next to the question it represents.
(I had a set of big cards that weren't used in game play that were perfect for demonstration to the whole class)

For example:
Ace of Spades: What's your name?
Ace of Hearts: How are you?
Ace of Diamonds: How's the weather?
Ace of Clubs: How old are you?

Then explain that each student gets 3 cards, and do a quick demo with the teacher of how they war. I counted, 1, 2, 3, go! and had both players slap down the top card. Then, the winner has to ask the question that matches the loser's card to be able to claim it.

For example:
I put down a King of Hearts, the homeroom teacher put down a 3 of clubs. I won the round, so I ask How old are you? She says, I'm 32. I take her card, thank her and go look for a new partner.

We also demonstrated that if we put down the same card, we have to war until someone wins. Simply count, 1,2,3 again and slap down another card each. Then, the winner has to ask one question for each card they receive from the loser. So winners and losers have to work equally hard at the game.

The kids had a blast and the losers were often helping the winners remember what question to ask or vice versa. Ideally, I would have liked to start them out with 5 cards each, but I only had 2 decks at my disposal, so I had to limit it to 3 and having them ask me for one or two more if they ran out.

For classes with older students who can handle a bit more complexity in the game play, the students could do group wars, where 3 or more people slap down cards at the same time. But, winners have to be ready to ask the necessary number of questions.

I think it's a game I will do towards the end of every semester now as a way to do a big fun review and show the kids how much they've learned!

Fri Jul 13, 2007 3:28 pm
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