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Swap: simple past or present perfect
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Author:  mesmark [ Wed Jan 04, 2006 7:10 am ]
Post subject:  Swap: simple past or present perfect

This game is good for practicing vocabulary Ss would normally be bored with and the present perfect tense. You could simplify it to simple past for younger/lower level students.

- one or two people per group
- I lay about 20-25 vocab cards on the table in random positions (Ss should be fairly confident in the vocabulary but don't need to know them all.)
- One group tries to memorize the cards and positions, then they have to look away - give them about 30 seconds to a minute
- The other group can change one thing on the board. (swap cards, change their location, take a card away, add a new card, turn a card over,...)
- The second group will turn around and try to find the change (ideally disgussing their ideas in English.)

Fianlly, they would say something like:
"You've change 'put on' and 'take out.'"
"We think you've added 'give away.'"
"You've turned over 'stand up.'"
or in question form
"Have you moved 'turn off?'"

If Ss can find the change, they win a point in whatever scoring system you'd like to use.

I like to move all the cards around between rounds for older students and generally swap some cards in and out for every level to get more vocabulary review into the game.

Happy teaching,

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