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Three games/activities using the small cards 
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Post Three games/activities using the small cards
1. Do you have Game ( i read Mark's games explanation section and it's generally a varation of Collect 'em game or I need it)
Need: any set of small cards with words you want to revise, each picture should appear twice
Rules: give each child at least 2 cards (or 3-4 cards), the cards that have not been distributed are left as a pile in the middle
The first student to start asks anyone in the group: Do you have/ Have you got a...? (or any other question you want to practise, ig. Can you, Do you like, Do you eat ... for lunch, etc). If the person asked has the card, he/she replies Yes, i do and gives the card to sudent1. S1 puts the pair in front of him. If S2 doesn't have the card, he says No, i don't and S1 takes one card from the pile in the middle (they do this only until the pile is gone). The winner is the student who first gets rid of all his cards. (Sometimes I play until all the pairs are found, when students ask me to;)
Make sure the students don't show their cards to others , they need to listen carefully what others are asking for and memorize it. To make it more fun you can make them collect 3 or more cards.
2. No name Game :) a variation of War card game
You can play in two groups or pairs, you need an identical set of small game cards for each group or student (when playing in pairs)
Each player/group places their cards face down in a pile
S1 turns over the top card and says what's in the picture, ig. He is eating breakfast (or I like swimming, i don't like bananas, I can't play football, I am good/bad at maths,etc, whatever you want to practise). S2 turns over his top card and when the both cards match, he says He is eating breakfast too and takes the cards. If they don't, S2 says He's not. He is ... and cards are left on the pile. Now it's S2's turn to turn over his card first. Each time players only take away the matching pair. When all cards are turned over, players could take back their turned over piles from the middle, shuffle them and play again. The winner is the player with the most cards
3. sentence construction activity funny one, hehe
Take a set of adjectives, a set of animate nouns, set of verbs, set of prepostions and a set of non-animate nouns. Make five piles in this order and make the students to turn them over. They say what they see in the pictures and make sentences. The sentences usually turn out to be funny, ig. A dirty mouse is playing basketball on a cheese. etc. It's not a game but an activity, but you could transform it into a game, if you rewarded the students with something for each correct sentence. Don't be too hard on that though, it's much better to enjoy the activity and have a laugh :)

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