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Games for the small flashcards? 
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Post Games for the small flashcards?
Hi ,
I was amazed of your beautiful flashcards and I was tooooo excited that I wanted to print the entire sets but there is something I couldn't find out a way of use it which is the game flashcards with each set

how could we use them in games?
would you please give examples
bacause I was looking in the game section and I didn't find a game uses those game flashcards
thanks alot . :smt004

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Sun May 06, 2007 6:25 am
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There are many games you can play with the small flashcards:

Go Fish

That link will take you to a list of games with explanations. That list isn't only games for the small cards but there are quite a few.

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Sun May 06, 2007 8:43 am
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Here are some ideas for flashcards in general:

Here's a game for 'this' and 'that' practice but can be adapted:

Card Swap:
- groups of two or four
- I lay about 20-25 vocab cards on the table in random positions
- One group tries to memorize the cards and positions, then they have to look away
- The other group can change one thing on the board. (swap cards, change their location, take a card away, add a new card...)
- The second group will turn around and try to find the change.

They would say something like:
"You've change 'put on' and 'take out.'"
"We think you've added 'give away.'"

I use it to practice vocabulary they would normally be bored with and the present perfect tense. You could simplify it to simple past though.

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Sun May 06, 2007 9:02 am
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Post Card Games
This really depends on your students age more than their level and also the size of the class. These games are for younger kids in small groups of 10 or less. Don't spend too much time on one game. Keep up a fast pace.

Quick flash
Show the card really quickly and then cover it up. The first student to say the card with the grammar point wins it.

3 card shuffle

Lay out 3 cards as you say them, and have students repeat them after you. Turn the cards upside down and then make changes to the cards original places, 2 cards at a time. Then point to one card and have the students try to remember the card. If they can, they win the card. Put down a new one and drill students again before starting the game over.

Tue May 29, 2007 12:32 pm

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Post Bet
Give each student a few chips to bet. Make a board or just draw a circle on a small whiteboard, divided into 6 sections. (looks like a pizza) Write the numbers 1 to 6 in each section.

Peteach the cards, test a little around the class, and then start the game.

1. Show each student a different card and the students must make a sentence using that card and the grammar point.

2. When everyone has done that, they can place one chip each onto the 'pizza'.

3. Then the teacher rolls a dice. The chips in that number win one chip (students gets 2 chips) The chips in the other sections go to the teacher.

Repeat for as many rounds as you like.

Tue May 29, 2007 12:54 pm

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I really like the flashcards and I have used them for example, I use the verb cards and Iwant my students to make sentences with simple present tense and I also use these cards when I teach "can" I show the card and ask yes/no questions, it is very useful my students really like them.

Sun Jun 03, 2007 7:30 am

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Post Battleships
One game that I recently found worked really well with the flash cards was Battleships. You need to create a barrier between the 2 teams. You need doubles of the cards (the more cards, the longer the game, of course). Put one entire set in full view of both teams. Give each team 3 bingo chips which represent their ships, and they put them on the top of the barrier. The goal is to knock off all three of the other teams chips, which you do by guessing what 3 cards they have.

After you have laid out the cards and given the students their chips, get the other set and fan it out. Both teams then choose 3 cards each. Each team then alternates asking the focus question to the other team, for example, Do you like to go surfing?. If the other team has that card, they say yes, they show the card and the asking team can knock one of their ships off the ledge. First team to knock all three off wins. Cool, hey?!! :D

Tue Jun 05, 2007 1:01 pm

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I use the small cards for relay games, circle games, memory games etc.
for elementary school

make two or three rows/teams
put a set of cards on a table or desk in front of each row/team
one by one students come to the table/desk, flip a card and have to answer the target question from the teacher "what's this", "what color is it", "what time do you..."
when the finish they go to the back of the row

repeat the game but this time after the student has answered the question the become the person who asks the question

if there is only one teacher, do it as a timed event.

Card exchange:
Each student get's one card
Start by playing rock/paper/scissor to see who goes first
Student 1 asks the target question Student 2 answers using the card that they are holding
Student 2 asks Student 1 answers
Then the students exchange cards before finding a new partner.

Memory game: good for vocab work
Make two sets of the cards
Put them face down on the desk, table, floor
Students take turns flipping two cards (tying to find a match)
Students must say what is on each card when the flip it over
Lots of repetition in this

Thu Jun 07, 2007 7:48 pm

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battleship seems intereting, but wont the other team see where the chips are?

Fri Jul 25, 2008 4:40 pm

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Even simple run and get the cards can be so much fun when u use a stopwatch. Put the set of cards on a table. Kids line up. Teacher calls a card and the 1st student runs to get it. "here u r" then next kid and so on. Can they beat their time.

Sat Aug 02, 2008 1:59 am

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Card matching game is good for kids. My little girl Billy likes to play ABC Animals (, so now she can recognize many different animals.

Tue Aug 19, 2008 3:52 pm

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Rock Paper Scissors line is a fast game for younger kids
line up your vocabulary cards on the floor in a line.
Seperate your students into two teams and put them at either end of the line.
One student from each team starts at their end of the line saying the vocabulary on the card in the pattern that was taught. Then onto the next card as quickly as they can.
When they meet, they Rock Paper Scissors the winner stays where he/she is and continues, the loser goes back to the end of his team's line, and the next student starts.
If a student gets all the way through the cards, his/her team gets a point.

Tue Sep 09, 2008 8:41 pm

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Dice/flash card game. I posted this under dice games as well, so if you read that version, read no further.

Recently I have been taking my classes to the auditorim once in a while and here are some of the games I've come up.

One is just using multiple sets of the falshcards. Let's say we are using people and places. I shout a sentence the actors went to the museum and the school.

The students are broken up into teams and the first student from each team must run to the front find the actors card and then run back to their team and give it to the next person.

The second person runs up and grabs the museum card and runs back and gives the actors and museum cards to the next person who goes up to grab the school card.

After a team has collected all the cards they have to shout out the sentence.

My kids really like this game. So far I've never used more than 3 sets. I usually break them up into three teams (since I made 4 sets of the cards.) I hold the last set myself so I can flash the card to a student while saying the vocabulary if they are having trouble.

I did it with my 5/6th graders the other day and we were working on our singluar/plural vocab. So they really had to listen carfeully to whether I said "The acrtress is at the zoo." or the "Actresses are at the zoo.

I also have a version where I use dice because it gets more students involved at the same time.

One student tosses the dice and shouts out the sentence. You can either have a seperate set of dice fpr each team or just one set. I prefer the first option.

Then a team members run up and gras the apporpriate vocab. You can have students grab the one card at a time as above or have that student grab all the cards for the sentence. If you use the 2nd option, the first team with all the cards from the front of the class( I place them on the stage.) Is the winner.

So if the student tosses The doctor is going to China, but the doctor card has already been taken from the front they toss that dice again(but not the China dice since that card has yet to be retrieved.

If you want to help some students out you can either give them a copy of the handout or hold copies yourselves and they tell you the sentecne and you point to the pictures on the card.

If the student who's turn it is doesn't know then you can ask the team and they can tell you what the sentence is.

I hope those make sinsce. If not let me know and I'll try and give more details.

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Tue Dec 09, 2008 3:40 pm

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I use the smaller ones for a sweet memory/concentration variant.

I make 4 small cards for each word. In a class of 36, I have 9 words (9x4 = 36).

I split the class into two teams that face each other. Each person is both a player who tries to flip over and guess the other teams cards, and each person is a card as well.

So we have team A and B. The first person from team A gets to "flip over" someone from Team B by asking them a question. I did it with countries so it went like this;

Team A dude 1 : Sasuke, where do you want to go?
Team B Sasuke: I want to go to (shows small card to class) Germany.

Then the next person on team A gets to flip over some else, while Sasuke remains standing.

Team A dudette 2: Mari, where do you want to go?
Team B Mari: I want to go to Brazil.

If they match (Germany and Germany), they both are out. The students still get to play as guessers, however.

If they don't match (Germany and Brazil), both sit down and hide their cards again. The students from team A will want to remember what they were, while team B hopes team A will forget.

Then team B gets to try and guess. I don't let the teams use paper or pens to keep track of the players. They exchange until one team wins, or till class is over (and each pair equals a point).

(If I have a class of 34, I make one pair a triple pair. I explain this before. So each team has pairs of all the countires, and three of something else, like Russia. If they successfully turn over the first two Russia cards, they get a bonus turn, and can attempt to find the third.)

(If they are uneven, I play, or I have a doll or teddy bear play in my place.)

Fri Dec 19, 2008 4:19 pm

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Post hii
teaching using flash cards is very interesting as long as we use the kind of activity concerning on the quality of is an example how i use mes great flash cards....

for teaching present tense verb, what i need are glue, word flash cards of verb and picture flash cards of verbs

divide ss into 2 groups
put the words flash cards on the floor, each group has about 10 flash cards of verb ( use 2 verb -ing flsh cards as the previous lesson), put also the glue near each group

ask the 1st ss of each group to sit down near the word flash cards while the rest of class chorally read what teacher give them/ show them the picture flash card, then they say it loudly to the first st in their group

that 1st student has to find it and stick on the board

point this game

( insert the new language target after firstly you use the verb-ing )

good luck//

Thu May 21, 2009 10:23 pm
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