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Cops and Robbers
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Author:  Jimbo [ Fri Apr 20, 2007 11:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Cops and Robbers

Hi all,
Here's another game that I've found quite effective. It was an idea that I got from another teacher and involves teching writing in many different forms. It's called cops and robbers. Basically the teacher is a thief and has stolen something. You team the students up into pairs. One of the students has a paper and pencil and puts his head down on his/her desk. He/She represents the cop in the office.

Another must watch the teacher and relay information to the other student who's head is on the desk. He/She represents the cop out on the beat. The teacher chooses a word and writes it on a word card. Then he flashes it quickly at the students (acting like he's riding past on a motorbike). The student watching then says the word to the student whose head is down and he needs to write it and raise his hand. The first group of students to complete this win and get a point.

There are lots of variations on this game. It can be used for reading ie. flash the word at the kids and they read it/ make a sentence with it. If you're teaching plurals, flash the word and kids add the plural from to the word and raise their hands. If you're teaching antonyms you can flash a word and kids write an appropriate antonym. There are lots possibilities with this game so give it a try. I'd love to hear about any new variations!

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