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Author:  Jimbo [ Tue Apr 10, 2007 8:18 am ]
Post subject:  hot seat

Hi, my name's Jimbo (James) and I've just joined the MES forums. I've been teaching English in Taiwan for over three years now. I've found MES to be a very useful and practical site, as have other teachers that I work with. I just wanted to share a game I use in my esl class called Hot Seat. I call a child from each team to come up and have them sit facing away from the board. Then I write whatever word I want to review on the board (those sitting in front can't see it). The kids from each team give those who are sitting in front clues either with actions or sentences. The first child sitting in front to get it wins. I've found that this game can be expanded and used with antonyms and synonyms. The kids giving the clues can only give them in antonyms or synonyms. Phonics can also be used - kids give clues using the ending/middle/beginning sound (though I usually only use this once the kids have tried and can't seem to get the word). Hope this is useful.

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