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Tips for discipline in class please 
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Post Tips for discipline in class please
Hi, yesterday it was my first english class and It was a mess, I had 16 students from 9-10 years old I tried to do thousands of things but they started screaming and although. Instead I had a good warm up with my presentation and everything they started to scream and me and everything, I know that it´s because I don´t have experience and I don´t know how to get their attention or respect we made a lot of play roles but the don´t respect the rules or me, touching myself and screaming can anyone help me? I think I am a complete mess but I really like children :)

Tue Jun 04, 2013 9:13 pm

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Post Re: Tips for discipline in class please
This is terrible to hear :( I hope things do get better... Do you have any forms of positive reinforcements?? I had a very challenging year 5 class at the beginning of the year and found that when I had rewards for their efforts that life became a lot easier. I had raffle tickets when students did the correct thing and then at the end of the day I chose x amount out of my box and these students won a prize. The kids enjoyed this.. Alternatively I had stamp charts, when they were good and did their work they were given stamps and once full received 10minutes free time (most used this on the computer). It can be hard particularly with that age group. I hope these suggestions may help..

Fri Jun 07, 2013 7:50 pm
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Post Re: Tips for discipline in class please
The first thing I like to do is remove all distractions if I can. This way, there's not much for kids to do, other than what I'm in control of. When you control the situation, you can stop everything if students are getting out of control.

One system that I've used is to write all of the students names on the board. Then draw 3 to 5 stars by each name. If a student is acting up, you erase one star. If a student does a good job, you add a star. At the beginning, it's good to really try to award stars to students. Do this very generously. At the end of the lesson give the students some small stickers for each star they collect. You can have them put them on sticker charts ( ) or have them just put them on a piece of paper.

Over time, you can give less and less stars. You also can eventually fade the entire system out once you've gotten control of the class.

Build up! Be positive! Teach hard!

Fri Jun 07, 2013 11:16 pm
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Post Re: Tips for discipline in class please
I really love the raffle idea, sounds extremely fun and will definitely incorporate that in my classes!

Tue Aug 06, 2013 1:24 am

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Post Re: Tips for discipline in class please
At the beginning of the lesson make the Ss clear their tables and put everything in their desks. After that, wait till all Ss are quiet, attentive, and facing the front before starting. If the Ss get out of hand at any time, just stop and wait till they are back in control before procceding.

Hope this helps.

Mon Feb 10, 2014 2:27 pm

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Post Re: Tips for discipline in class please
A little unorthodox, and not for everyone... but try embarrassing the cocky kid a little...

You don't want to make them cry, or whatever, so there is an art to it... but basically when they are out of line, you can stop the lesson, draw all focus onto them, then say something like...

"hold on everyone, lets look at this guy for a second..." pregnant pause, for as long as you can hold it. (silence is your friend here)

then talk about them, comment on their behavior and how it affects the class and give a warning. If they screw up again, get an assistant teacher to take care of him, or isolate him somehow so that you follow through on your threat. Then do a fun activity without them.

I've met very few kids that enjoy being center of attention in that type of situation. I'm not into embarrassing kids as a general rule, but if you pick the right ones first up (that aren't exactly short of self esteem) it seems to work and acts as a warning to the others. The cocky ones can handle the situation without going into their shell as well. Once kids know your expectations, control ceases to be a problem.

Mon Jan 12, 2015 5:40 pm

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Post Re: Tips for discipline in class please
Really good point, I must say... This embarrassing one. Another thing to remember is that when you're the teacher of a class, you must remember that you're the boss and make sure the kids understand it too. If you've been having a hard time with a particular group of kids, they will come to expect that you will be a walkover and get into the habit of talking freely with total disregard for your threats.

Make definite rules on noise and pin it up on the soft board in the classroom or somewhere where it is conspicuous to all. For instance, if I say there is to be no talking, then there is to be no talking. A pupil is not supposed to shout out without putting up their hand.

Thu May 14, 2015 3:26 pm
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