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Keeping them motivated.
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Author:  xenofied [ Tue Dec 07, 2010 8:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Keeping them motivated.

I just thought of something to do with the handout that comes with each set of flashcards on this site.
How about making a spreadsheet with the students names on the bottom and on the left-hand side having something like [level 1 adj] and above that [level 1 verbs] and above that [level 1 animals] and so on. The idea is to hand out a handout to each student, and tell them to memorize each word and memorize how to use each word in a sentence. When they feel confident that they have it all down, they come to you and you give them a test, if they pass the test, they move on to the handout above the one they just passed. so if it was [level 1 adj], then they move on to [level 1 verbs]. They do this until they have passed all the tests in Level 1. Then you give the student a prize. They then move on to level 2, and pass all the tests in that level and then level 3 and 4 and 5 etc, giving them prizes for each level passed.

This seems like a really organized and effective way to motivate your students to learn new vocabulary that they will immediately be able to use during your lessons. Also by keeping the progress sheet posted in the classroom, they will be able to monitor their own progress and hopefully keep themselves self-motivated to get that prize at the end of each level.

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