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Introduction and need help
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Author:  Jackien [ Sat Sep 26, 2009 9:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Introduction and need help

I've been teaching my own students ofr almost 18 years!! I've worked at kindergartens and even did a short stint at the local elementary school (I'm in Japan). For a few years teaching was put on the back burner while I helped my kids through the early years and starting school. This past May a good friend of mine wanted to go back to the USA and asked me to take over her little school. So we moved house and started again.

My problem is two brothers that will be coming together from Monday. They were having seperate classes, the youngest boy is almost 6, and was having private class. The older boy is in the 4th grade and was with two other boys. The older boy seems to have some problems, maybe ADHD, he squirms, suck s his fingers (and toes!!), shouts, wallks around and generally disturbs the class. But he is smart and when he can focus he remembers a lot and can try to communicate. But he was being bullied by the other boy (who has a load of problems himself). Because of timing conflict I have to put these brothers together. So what to teach, I want to keep away from competative games as much as possible. They have basic English and I would love to start some phonics, maybe reading simple words. The class will be an hour and I am really wondering what I have let myself in for.
Does anybody have any experience with kids who have behaviour problems?
I also tend to be a bit strict but I want to them to have fun without it getting out of control.
Sorry this is so long!


Author:  Snowflake [ Sun Sep 27, 2009 5:20 am ]
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I already wrote about this activity, but maybe it could help you as well. It requires action and concentration, and maybe that could help you.


or you could try the other activities on this web page.


I have a few young students who have behavior problems. Sometimes just to make them be quiet, I tell them that this class we are playing the “whispering game”, so every one has to whisper the whole class. I don’t actually whisper the whole time, but at least I keep them quiet for a few moments. And I noticed that no matter how much those students don’t pay attention, they seem to start listening and actually doing “Simon says”. For me “Simon says” has worked miracles.

Author:  pjsenior [ Mon Sep 28, 2009 7:45 pm ]
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Hi there,

I take it you'll be teaching the two of them together with no others?

Craft activities will be helpful. Posters, storybooks, vocab books, birthday cards, Lego bricks etc. Get them making something, anything. Use some ideas from arts & crafts kid tv shows, or look online. Whatever it is, you can insist they use English when they need some materials from you. Then give them a time limit to make their thing. Whilst they're working on that individually, you can strike up some natural conversation with them - What did you do this morning? What did you have for lunch? etc.

Use pictures and photos in class, too. Use them to get the kids to describe what they can see, and then later get them to write about what they can see, with your help. Encourage them to bring in their own photos to talk about.

Ask them to do a project about their favourite thing(s). Start it in class, and then get them to finish in their own time. Tell them you want them to present it to you, and to make something good that you can show other people, like their parents. That always encourages a bit of pride in their work.

If they're a bit over-active, you can try to tire them out at the start of class. Put on some music and do some exercises together - star jumps, jump and turn around, etc. Make it like a Simon Says game - Simon Says Do 5 Star Jumps!! They have to listen for the number and the exercise. Also, ban any soft drinks before class. Speak to their parents, and tell them that coke etc. can influence hyper-activity in kids.

Hopefully, the exercises might calm them down a bit, and plus they're not competitive either. Then for the rest of the class have some very gentle music on in the background. Apart from the suggestions above, you should also use some worksheets, and information gap fills, that will include some simple reading. You can find worksheets that include the phonics you want to practice that day. This website has some good things to use.

Well, that's it for now. Good luck.


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